ELITE 2018 Strategist Kevin Holowicki of Spark Foundry

Kevin Holowicki

EVP, Managing Director

Spark Foundry

A Bold Mind

Everyone knows Kevin Holowicki. Since joining GlaxoSmithKline in 1999, Kevin has gained a considerable amount of recognition over the years within this industry.

“Kevin is a familiar and trusted face in the pharma business,” explains Joanne Carrara, Executive Director, Sales at Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks. “When I met recently with someone at Spark Foundry who reports directly to Kevin, I mentioned how long I had known him. The employee’s response: ‘Oh, gosh, yes, EVERYONE knows Kevin!’”

It is not hard to see why Kevin has become so well-known. While at GSK, he integrated digital marketing with media early on, which really helped to pioneer the efforts of multichannel marketing in pharma. He also led the development of Non-Personal Promotion as an alternative to 1-to-1 selling, which has become another industry standard. And, he ultimately created operational efficiencies that generated more than $200 million in cost savings to the organization. But one of the things he is most proud of from his time at GSK: Building an omni-channel process, a team, and a culture that understands and respects the pharmaceutical guidelines and innovates responsibly and with integrity at all times.

Kevin is also known for his innovative media planning strategies. For example, years ago when Ladies Home Journal (LHJ) was planning a special editorial section honoring Healthcare Professionals and Researchers, Kevin decided to acquire the entire section for GSK brands.

“It was a pretty bold move,” Carrara adds. “Kevin seized the opportunity because he recognized the power of delivering pharma brand messages in the context of reliable health content, which LHJ was well known for during that period.”

One of the aspects about Kevin that allows him to continually deliver innovative strategies is his constant desire to learn.

“This business is ever-evolving and staying abreast of changing dynamics in the industry, technology, and with our customers is a continual challenge,” Kevin explains. “Currently, I am interested in understanding data and analytics to better drive performance with greater certainty—we now have tools to help us be more effective than ever. It is an exciting time for the industry.”


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