FINN Partners Expands its Omni-Channel Communications Capabilities with Addition of Pharmacy Podcast Network

The pharmacy, which serves as the link from sick care to self-care, has become a greater focus for many healthcare and life sciences companies over the course of the past couple of years for a variety of reasons. To better serve clients looking to make an impact in this sector, FINN Partners announced that starting December 1st, the Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) will join the agency.

PPN is a news organization that reaches 100,000+ in the pharmacy community through the hosting and distribution of content, including more than 30 different podcast programs and its new digital magazine Rx Influencer. Led by Vice President and Executive Producer Todd Eury, PPN will operate as a unique unit of FINN and report to Gil Bashe, Global Health Chair, FINN Partners.

Todd Eury, Vice President and Executive Producer, PPN

“Pharmacy is at the center of our personal and pressing health needs,” Bashe told PM360. “COVID-19 reinforced the vital role pharmacists serve in almost every health-related setting and they are among the most knowledgeable and trusted counselors in guiding daily care decisions. Todd Eury and the Pharmacy Podcast Network elevate the voice of this influential healthcare community and are a leadership channel for conversation and information to these frontline professionals.”

Eury will continue to operate PPN independently and maintain authority over content decisions. FINN will have a direct connection to breaking trends, policies, and the needs of this front-line health professional community—growing in its importance to driving public health measures and operationalizing decentralized clinical trials for patient participation in drug development.

“Pharmacists are central in every health setting—from neighborhoods to hospitals; long-term care residences to payer formulary committees; and in Federal and state policy forums,” Eury said in a statement. “Payer, provider, and product innovation clients seek to reach this influential community, and PPN has evolved into the go-to content and digital platform for connection to this influential audience.”

PPN’s reach includes communities, hospitals, senior-care residences, military, and public health settings that meet the information needs of 300,000 pharmacists with more than 100,000 monthly listeners. The network is ranked as one of the nation’s leading business audio programs alongside the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Bloomberg podcasts, making it the dominant leader in podcasting for the pharmacy industry. PPN also has some 20+ clients across the health ecosystem that sponsor their own podcast series, including the American Pharmacists Association, Omnicell, Surescripts, and Rx Safe.

“Iconic newsstand media such as Forbes and BusinessWeek are evolving their business models—inviting once-readers to become paid ‘participant columnists’—while The Atlantic and Wall Street Journal thrive on edgy digital content and mainstage conferences,” Peter Finn, Founding Partner, FINN Partners, said in a statement. “Today, ideas and opinions are honed and expressed across medium and channels—and FINN is following that lead, too.”

A number of FINN clients—including leaders in consumer personal care, over-the-counter products, behind-the-counter devices to monitor and keep-in-check health concerns, and vaccines that prevent serious, preventable illness—are all paying closer attention to the pharmacy space. Bashe says that the addition of PPN will allow FINN to offer something more to these clients.

“Beyond our leadership strength in earned and content media, thought leadership platforms, publishing, social media, and podcasting, FINN has been expanding its reach to enable client voice and priorities to be heard and reinforced,” Bashe said in a statement. “Our goal is to explore how to be a stronger, direct bridge between clients and their customers. Pharmacists have that direct connection and demonstrated their life-saving importance once again in responding to COVID-19 vaccination urgencies.”


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