ELITE Transformational Leader Mike Marett of Confideo, LLC

Mike Marett


Confideo, LLC


Healthcare & Technology Advocate and Innovator

At times, driving innovation in pharma can feel like pushing a boulder uphill, but Mike Marett has demonstrated time and again that with diligence, persistence, and focus, the boulder can reach the summit and transform into a catalyst for meaningful disruption. Over the years, Mike has managed to successfully launch a range of innovative products, and guide the evolution of many new platforms within healthcare and technology. He is an ever-inspiring and motivated leader bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and strong personal values of trust, collaboration, and transparency to all of his endeavors.

Mike has been pushing boundaries at Confideo Labs since he launched it back in 2014. After dedicating time and energy to advocating for adoption of virtual reality, he introduced DoctorVirtualis, the industry’s first VR engagement platform, which became the foundation from which the company has grown rapidly. In the past year, Confideo Labs has gone on to produce and deploy a wide range of immersive multimedia projects across channels, platforms, and audiences, including many industry firsts (i.e., the VR detail). Mike helped pioneer the category, and his company now counts many large pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Brazil, as clients and supporters.

In addition, through Confideo Ventures, the management consulting arm of his company, Mike personally counsels and guides the commercialization of several health tech startups, acting as Chief Commercial Officer of Cohero Health; SVP Strategic Marketing & Partnerships of Gobiquity Mobile Health; and Advisor of Proclivity Media, ZipDrug, Good Works Health, and Pascale, to name a few. Each organization that Mike’s engaged has garnered compelling acceleration transcending fundraising, commercial deployments, clinical validation, product evolution, and industry recognition.

But Mike’s gold touch extends further back as well. In 2011, as EVP at WorldOne, he helped launch the company’s Interactive division, advocating and advancing new genres in pharmaceutical marketing, including FastResponse Market Intelligence and Competitive Education.

“Mike is an encouraging and optimistic leader,” says Cristina Spano, Senior Account Manager at Confideo Labs. “His passion for innovation is contagious and inspiring, as is evident by the many companies and products he is successfully advancing.”


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