ELITE Strategist Amy L. Vining of BioScience Communications

Amy L. Vining

Executive Vice President

BioScience Communications



The Eye Care MedComms Expert

“Amy Vining personifies the definition of elite—the best, the highest class—in her approach to and execution of her work,” says Jim Sluck, VP of Rx Marketing at Galderma. “Amy always brings a remarkable depth and breadth of experience to the table.”

Amy has worked in the healthcare communications industry for more than 20 years, with hands-on experience working in all phases of a product’s lifecycle. That extensive experience has given her a deep understanding for the ever-changing needs of the industry, both for her clients and the practitioners.

As Executive Vice President of BioScience Communications, a division of Daniel J. Edelman, Inc., she currently heads up a specialized team called the iCare Group, which is focused solely on the eye care market. Amy’s unprecedented knowledge of the therapeutic category and its key players allows her to go beyond traditional scientific communications support, to provide insight-driven strategies, trust-based relationships with the key opinion leaders, and a level of professionalism in her execution that is rarely seen. “Because of all this, Amy and her team serve as truly integrated partners to companies working in eye care—both in the U.S. and globally,” says Sluck.

Amy and her team exceed the needs and expectations of her clients by gathering their own 360° insights on a particular disease state or product category, and on the attitudes of eye care professionals on a specific topic—while also acquiring an in-depth understanding of key stakeholder needs for each project. That additional research enables the team to realize multi-platform communication opportunities for information dissemination, thus creating a strategic advantage even in challenging times.

Sluck says Amy was a trusted partner when he led the Specialty Contact Lens team at Alcon U.S. Vision Care, and that her “strategic insights, tireless efforts, and flawless execution” helped the company grow across many diverse contact lens segments. But that’s nothing new for Amy. Over the course of her career, Amy has been responsible for some of the most innovative and successful MedEd programs in the industry.


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