ELITE Entrepreneur Mike Marett of Confideo, LLC

Mike Marett


Confideo, LLC



A Visionary Risk Taker

As the digital health landscape evolves and new platforms materialize, Mike Marett has always been—and continues to be—front and center, pioneering transformative products and new technologies to better engage and educate healthcare stakeholders.

In 2014, as health tech began to boom, Mike founded Confideo LLC to support and nurture the movement. Confideo has two divisions: Confideo Labs is advancing progressive and immersive engagement platforms and channels, such as virtual reality, and Confideo Ventures accelerates the commercialization of health tech startups to ensure viability and success. In combination, Confideo’s business has grown and diversified exponentially since launch.

Confideo Labs created DoctorVirtualis, a first-to-market virtual reality engagement platform. By leading the VR revolution in healthcare, the company has worked with a range of customers and partners to deploy unparalleled virtual reality initiatives across channels.

Confideo Ventures guides strategy and the commercial progression of a long list of award-winning early-stage health tech, mobile health, and digital health companies focused on a variety of sectors, including pulmonary, pediatric vision care, on-demand drug delivery, programmatic media, and more.

Prior to Confideo, Mike spearheaded the global launch of two businesses, Kyp and WorldOne Interactive. Both of these endeavors effectively harnessed emerging trends to establish new genres of pharmaceutical marketing and new commercial models that expanded access.

Mike is a go-getter with a diverse background and deep knowledge of multiple stakeholders needs. Coupling his future-state mindset, strategic marketing expertise, and determination to push boundaries, he is propelling his platforms forward, while catalyzing commercial growth and industry adoption for many affiliated companies (Cohero Health, Gobiquity, and Zipdrug to name a few).

Mike’s thought leadership has kept him very active on “the circuit” as a speaker at global healthcare and technology conferences, including Health 2.0, ePharma, Doctors 2.0, SXSW Interactive, TechCrunch DISRUPT, and Digital Pharma East & West.

Innovation can be a struggle in any vertical, but in pharma it can be extra-challenging. Mike is certainly a crusader, working diligently to accelerate and disrupt the digital landscape.


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