ELITE Talent Acquisition Leader Ryan Maglione of inVentiv Health

Ryan Maglione

Vice President, Recruiting & inVentiv Recruitment Services

 inVentiv Health

Exceptional Recruitment Experience

During his nearly 10 years at inVentiv Health, Ryan Maglione has progressively grown his career to oversee more than 50 recruiters who work with biopharmaceutical clients of all sizes and rely on inVentiv to assemble teams of highly qualified sales talent, clinical nurse educators, medical science liaisons, and medical directors. Over the last five years, his group has launched more than 120 sales teams across major therapeutic areas—more than the top 25 pharma companies combined. And they are able to do this quickly. In some cases they are able to recruit sales teams in 12 weeks—accelerating time to launch for clients.

The key to speed is powered by a proprietary talent database Ryan worked to create that contains more than 525,000 contacts and includes screening and assessment criteria. When tapping into the database, Ryan’s team doesn’t apply the “same” profile or set of competencies to every product or partnership. Instead, they take the time to understand each situation. With this knowledge, inVentiv is able to build the ultimate “success profile” for each project.

He is also a strong believer in creating a high-quality employee recruitment experience. Ryan’s team is the only life science recruitment team to be recognized with the prestigious Candidate Talent Experience Award from the Talent Board for best practices in recruiting. The honor places Ryan’s team alongside elite brand such as Facebook and GE. This award recognizes the top 50 companies who provide an exemplary candidate experience as defined by the candidates themselves. Eighty one percent of candidates surveyed as part of the awards process indicated they would likely refer someone to apply at inVentiv Health, regardless of whether or not they themselves were offered the position they applied for within the organization.

At the heart of it all is Ryan’s team. “The recruitment team truly thinks the world of Ryan,” says Katie Newland, Employer Brand Manager on Ryan’s team. “Ryan elicits success from each team member by encouraging innovation and creativity. He is an inspirational and supportive leader, never forgetting to thank employees for a job well done.”


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