ELITE Disrupter Andy Woolf of Bionical LLC

Andy Woolf


Bionical LLC


Changing the Conversation Through Customized Education

Andy Woolf is no stranger to challenging norms. How many people born and educated in the U.K. get their first pharmaceutical sales job in Springfield, IL? That’s where it all started for Andy. Twenty years later, he is now heading up Bionical LLC as the U.S. CEO. With a mission to improve patient outcomes, Andy’s role at Bionical has been largely dedicated to creating digital solutions to help improve engagement and communication between sales representatives and healthcare provider, and HCP and patient. One of the most successful products that has helped this mission is the company’s digital engagement platform MED Select™.

MED Select™ largely centers around how patient education materials are created. Most educational materials are written at too high a level for patients to comprehend, accompanied by images the patient cannot relate to, hindering a patient’s ability to understand and manage their health. Andy’s idea was to pull information filtered by the company’s relationship with Elsevier, and the pharma company’s AOR to get pre-approved content to create materials made in the language of the patient. Utilizing the Bionical’s Insight-Led process, this platform captures data points that enable brands to modify messaging to ensure the materials are resonating with their intended audience.

MED Select™ has also improved communication between sales rep and HCP. On average, sales reps get two minutes to sell the benefits of their products to HCPs. “In two minutes, it is nearly impossible to have meaningful dialogue that would help an HCP understand where your product can best help their patients,” explains Lewis Abbott, Operations Manager at Bionical. “Since its inception MED Select™ has been used by more than 13,000 sales reps in the U.S. and generates an average call time of almost eight minutes. Not only that, it delivers unique materials to every single person who interacts with the tool.”

As you’d expect, Andy and his team aren’t done yet. With a specialty in healthcare, and an expert team of psychologists trained in uncovering user motivations, the company is perfectly positioned to create and foster improved communication with patients that drives adherence and ultimately leads to improved outcomes.


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