ELITE Launch Expert Juniette Kang’a of Clovis Oncology

Juniette Kang’a

Associate Director, Value Marketing

Clovis Oncology


The Polymathic Marketer

Throughout a career that spans multiple disease states (oncology, pulmonary, inflammatory), and diverse product categories (orals, injectable, infusible), Juniette Kang’a has maintained a patient-first philosophy, whether managing products or strategic planning for launches. The many reasons why she is considered a launch expert cannot fit on this page, so let’s just stick with the highlights.

Last year, Juniette was concurrently involved in multiple product launches even though only one made it to market. During launch, Juniette filled a multitude of roles at Clovis Oncology. Not only did she design and develop the operations for the patient support program, Rubraca Connections, and spearhead the strategy for specialty pharmacy channels and patient services contracting, she also oversaw the access and reimbursement promotional marketing. That’s right: Juniette filled two separate, full-time positions during launch.

Considering she was responsible for the payer, HCP, patient, pharmacy access, and reimbursement communications, Juniette worked throughout the launch process to execute multiple initiatives across multiple audiences. In doing so, she revealed her intimate knowledge of each audience’s unmet needs and key messages.

Juniette is also an incredible collaborator and demonstrated amazing abilities to shepherd resources through various processes. Every tactic she produced was vetted with HCP and patient marketers, legal, compliance, regulatory, and medical—ensuring cross-functional alignment. The outcome was an exceptional launch with patients receiving medication within one week of product approval.

Even after launch, Juniette did not stop planning ahead. She immediately began to gather feedback from customers and the field to make her marketing materials even more effective and interesting as regulations shifted, anticipating competitive product entrants, and additional information on Rubraca emerged.

Above everything else, the many people who worked with Juniette during launch all agreed that doing so was a pleasure. She was patient and considerate, taking feedback and last-minute decisions with equanimity and grace. Her knowledge of the disease state and multiple customer types was an endless resource for everyone. During launch, wherever she was in the world—across different U.S. time-zones or even different continents—Juniette was always available, and always ready with advice, direction, or a smile.


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