ELITE 2022 Sales MVP Samantha Lipman-Porter of Condé Nast

Samantha Lipman-Porter

Vice President, Sales – Health

Condé Nast

Turning No to Yes

Samantha Lipman-Porter is no stranger to a challenge. She is the type of leader that doesn’t give or take “no” for an answer, a seller that sees the daunting mountain in their path and keeps walking up step by step while staying calm, collected, and focused on client goals. In just five years, Samantha transformed the perception of Condé Nast as a lifestyle brand to a health media powerhouse that drives ROI and better patient outcomes. And in that time, Conde Nast, Team Health’s revenue has grown 67% due to Samantha’s tenacity.

As a leader who constantly takes on new and innovative projects, Samantha worked with edit to help launch (and get sponsors on-board) the new SELF sub brand, “Conditionally.” The new sub-brand will aggregate all health endemic content in one place on the site, has a new SEO strategy, and a diverse 60+ medical review board—giving better access to the content patients want/need and solutions to help them on their journey.

One of her colleagues said, “I have had the privilege of working with Samantha for over three years and can honestly say that she is truly one of the best in the business. She really listens to the needs of our clients and works relentlessly to deliver for them.”

What do clients say? “She is passionate and is always the first to come up with new, innovative ideas and find creative solutions—‘no’ is never an answer you get from Sam, which makes her a go-to. Beyond the work, she is incredibly positive, thoughtful and an absolute delight to work with.”

How does she do it? Samantha works tirelessly with all the teams at Condé Nast to better understand how each brand touches the patient experience, why consumers come and trust these brands to get informed as well as how clients can seamlessly be integrated into that experience for maximum impact in a seamless and organic way. Samantha’s dedication always pays off—she has generated substantial revenue for the company while giving clients a way to reach patients with the best data, content, cultural moments, and access to what’s next in patient storytelling!


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