ELITE 2018 Strategist Traver Hutchins of PatientPoint

Traver Hutchins

Chief Growth Officer


Setting Industry Standards

Over the course of his more than 25 years as a health media executive and entrepreneur, Traver Hutchins has consistently anticipated market changes and seized opportunity to help companies adapt. In 1994, Traver founded MediZine, an educational publication for retail pharmacy counters designed to help pharmacists remain compliant with medication counseling mandates. With MediZine (which would later become Remedy Health Media), Traver set into motion many of the practices that have become hallmarks of the industry.

For example, Traver was foundational to the idea that grouping condition-specific consumer health education with targeted sponsor messaging could move market share and deliver confirmed product lift. He was also one of the first to recognize the power of identifiable ROI for patient marketing programs.

A 2008 multiple myeloma diagnosis jumpstarted Traver’s thinking about how he could turn challenge into opportunity and leverage his story to improve the patient experience. Working with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), Traver reached patients worldwide by live-streaming his stem cell transplant via Facebook Live. He also launched an educational program that focused on taking the mystery out of myeloma while providing encouragement and insight for others.

In 2011, he returned to his startup roots to build an urgent care chain, designed with the then-growing retail healthcare consumption pattern in mind. In just five months, Traver was able to deliver four centers with a team of 40 healthcare professionals.

Most recently, in May 2017, he was brought on board at PatientPoint in the newly created position of Chief Growth Officer, where he works with Founder and CEO Mike Collette and senior leadership to develop a long-term growth plan and product roadmap for PatientPoint while also spearheading the company’s mergers and acquisitions efforts. Since his arrival, Traver has played an integral part in the company’s partnership with MeU Care to launch new point-of-care mobile engagement and communications platform PatientPoint Connect. The platform, slated to launch this spring, will allow health systems, hospitals, and providers to deliver HIPAA-compliant multimedia messaging and award-winning education to patients and caregivers—extending quality care beyond physician office or hospital walls.


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