ELITE 2020 Sales MVP Jeff Theis of Crossix

Jeff Theis

Vice President, Team Lead, Business Development


The Trusted Advisor

Thanks to an established track record of helping healthcare marketers and analytics teams redefine what’s possible with their marketing and media investments, Jeff Theis has proven to be a leader and an inspiration to both the Crossix sales team and his clients.

He has also transcended the traditional “sales” role. As the world of data-driven healthcare marketing continues to evolve, Jeff works in lockstep with each of his clients to address new challenges head-on. His deep understanding of the dynamic and changing multichannel media environment—combined with a clear view of how to help life sciences organizations maximize their impact with relevant healthcare audiences—have instead earned Jeff the role of trusted customer advisor.

Jeff never shies away from change. Rather, he embraces it as an opportunity—not just for Crossix, but for customers and the overall market as well. He has leveraged new technology and has a unique way of distilling complex analytics to the most relevant dimensions: How and why the customer benefits. He has the rare ability of translating the most complicated concepts into easy-to-understand highlights that can resonate with any audience, without losing the core message.

“Jeff is one of the best listeners I have ever met,” says Jeff Davis, SVP, Business Development, Crossix. “He always takes the time to understand customers’ goals and challenges and uses his experience to develop a customized plan for success. This is why he was honored with two awards at our annual commercial team meeting in 2019: Top team player and playbook master.”

In helping customers achieve the greatest effectiveness possible, Jeff has developed many new partnerships across the West Coast and Midwest. Through his dedication to clients and the business, Jeff has become a critical presence at Crossix, a key partner to its clients, and a positive influence on the industry as a whole.


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