The 2024 PM360 Pharma Choice Awards – Self Promotion/Corporate Campaign Gold Winner

Avant Healthcare

We Speak HCP

At Avant Healthcare, we are anything but typical—and it was time our branding reflected that. We are scientists, strategists, writers, artists, and technologists brought together for a common purpose—to make a difference in patients’ lives. After all, we speak HCP all day, every day.


Patrick Kelley Chief CX and Creative Officer
Craig Moore Vice President, Digital
Kurtis Rush Executive Creative Director
Chris Ryan Executive Creative Director
Ro Brual Executive Director, Marketing
Andrew Hein UI/UX Lead Designer
Robert Loar Full-stack Web Developer
Pamela McWhorter Senior Copywriter
Gina DiMauro Digital Project Manager
Tim Cox Senior Medical Editor
Kristin Jones Corporate Marketing Senior Graphic Designer
Alyssa Quyle Marketing Manager


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