Clients using eSight, an invention by Gentex, to increase 20/20 vision.

Gentex Releases New Technology to Increase 20/20 Vision

Gentex, a technology company best known for supplying the automotive, aerospace, and fire protection industries, introduces their new acquisition to help the visually impaired obtain 20/20 vision. This invention is called eSight, and it combines a high-definition camera, proprietary algorithms, and a powerful processing platform to relay and magnify real-time imagery onto two high-resolution screens positioned before each eye, resulting in enhanced binocular vision.

“For many years, our expertise in vision technology has been key in developing automotive solutions that improve driver safety,” said Neil Boehm, Chief Technology Officer at Gentex. “Our acquisition of eSight is a strategic move to leverage this expertise in the healthcare industry to address the challenges of vision impairment, furthering our commitment to enhancing visual safety and quality of life.”

Rutgers Professors to Bring Third Alzheimer’s Disease Conference to Israel
The US-Israel Alzheimer’s Disease Conference in Tel Aviv this September is being organized by Marck Gluck, Professor of Neuroscience at Rutgers University- Newark and Michal Schnaider Beeri, Professor of Neurology at Rutgers, along with head scientists at Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University.
Internationally known leaders in Alzheimer’s research, the two Israeli co-organizers of the conference
are Illana Gozes, a molecular neuroendocrinologist at Tel Aviv University, and Hermona Soreq, a molecular neuroscientist at Hebrew University.

Gluck and Beeri hope that in addition to advancing research for Alzheimer’s, the conference will bring more Israeli students to Rutgers and other U.S. universities in the future as graduate and postdoctoral students where they can receive advanced training in neuroscience and neurology and contribute to the world’s understanding of the complex disease. “The fight to cure Alzheimer’s disease cuts across
national and political divisions,” said Gluck, “providing us with common goals and targets on which we can all work together.”

Healthcare Provider Communications Expand Between Two Medical Communication Companies

Two medical communication companies, Real Chemistry and Avant Healthcare, have teamed up to expand their medical education, medical affairs, and healthcare provider (HCP) communications capabilities. Avant’s team will become part of Real Chemistry’s Medical group, which together will have more than 450 experts in medical communications, medical education, medical affairs, and scientific visualization. They will work seamlessly with the company’s integrated communications, engagement, influencer, and strategic commercial and creative capabilities.

“Our clients are asking for more personalized, engaging, and timely medical communications that together Avant and Real Chemistry will create,” said Shankar Narayanan, CEO of Real Chemistry. “The life sciences industry is investing heavily in R&D and addressing increasingly complex diseases with robust new drug pipelines. These new therapies require significant HCP education and engagement to reach and benefit the patients who need them. At the same time, demographic changes happening with HCPs are having a profound effect on how companies need to effectively engage with them. Expanding our capabilities with Avant brings us even greater scientific expertise, strength, and creativity to partner with our clients to fully leverage the next generation of product breakthroughs in the next few years.”

Those involved are Trina Stonner, RN, MSN, Avant’s Chief Customer Officer and President, co-leading Real Chemistry’s Medical group with Suzanne Jacobs, who leads Real Chemistry’s current medical team and is based in London.

UK-based Patient Advocacy Opens Location in New York
Havas Health & You (HH&Y) announces the expansion of Havas Lynx. The UK-based contingent now joins the Network in North America, sitting within the Havas New York Village. Patient advocacy has never been more important, especially as the rapid proliferation of Gen AI sweeps through the healthcare space.

Havas Lynx New York aims to create authentic and meaningful experiences to engage with patients and improve outcomes at every step of the patient journey. The agency specializes in patient
identification, patient representation and inclusivity, unbranded patient activation, patient advocacy engagement, and patient support services.

Mark Evans, Managing Director at Faze, Havas Lynx’s clinical trial,
comments: “Launching operations in North America will allow us to offer on the ground expertise for clinical trial site support, patient community outreach, and a closer connection to the HH&Y North American agencies, including partner Trinity Life Sciences, to bring predictive analytics, helping more clients identify the right patients in the right place to accelerate trial recruitment.

Havas Lynx displaying their Healthcare Agency of the Year award.

“This is an exciting time for Faze and the wider clinical trial recruitment industry. Welcoming Kate and Denisa represents the culmination of a significant growth period since our inception in 2018.”
The company has already launched a few successful campaigns such
as Over and Over Again, which focuses on the unspoken discussions of menopause, and Mapping the Tumor, which increased biomarker testing by 41% across tumor types.

Clinical Trial Media Launches Website to Help Those Looking to Participate in Studies
Explore Clinical Research is a new online portal that enables people worldwide to discover and express interest in clinical trials, learn how to get involved in the research process, and get matched with
appropriate studies. This online portal was recently launched by Clinical Trial Media, a global clinical trial participant recruitment and retention company that works with pharmaceutical companies through all stages of clinical research.

Clinical Trial Media has spent 25 years populating and overseeing participant retention in trials
for some of the most ground- breaking drug releases by major pharmaceutical companies.
The company has had success by recruiting for more than 2,000 trials and has built a database of more than two million people interested in participating in clinical studies.

Yet, there are still a lot of people who might qualify for trial participation, but they either don’t know where to find out about them or don’t understand what’s involved in the clinical research process.
Clinical Trial Media seeks to help fill these gaps by making it easier for people unfamiliar with clinical research to find trials they or their loved ones might match with, while also educating them about the process.

“Considering that there are 450,000+ clinical trials in progress around the world right now—and that 80% of them will be delayed because pharmaceutical companies can’t find enough volunteers to participate— there is an urgent need for more accessible ways to identify potential participants,” said Cara Brant, CEO of Clinical Trial Media. “We regularly have individuals request information about other trials, which communicates that the need for participants isn’t due to a lack of interest, but a lack of knowledge and access. We are working to change this.


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