ELITE Tech-know Geek Dave Kovalcik of DPX (The Companies of Dyventive, PharMethod, Xyvid)

Dave Kovalcik


DPX (The Companies of Dyventive, PharMethod, Xyvid)



Creating Better Tech for Better Results

Dave Kovalcik possesses an extraordinary talent—he’s always had the ability to gauge and predict the technology that’s enabled him to continuously evolve his companies in the tech, event, and pharmaceutical industries. That’s right, companies. Dave is currently CEO of all three companies under the DPX umbrella. He’s a distinguished innovator—with tremendous drive.

Before founding Dyventive Inc. 17 years ago, a dynamic event services company running large-scale corporate events (many in the pharma industry), Dave already had two massive wins under his belt—one of which was Computerware Inc. It became one of the largest vendors for Apple on the East Coast, generated over $200 million in sales, and employed more than 350 people. The insights and foresights he gleaned led to the development of Dyventive, which grew into a Fortune 5000 company and a leading industry contributor for innovation and quality services for events of all kinds.

Foreseeing pharma’s particular needs in the events arena, Dave took action when the demands for pharma events were more closely aligning with the regulated need for complete data management of these events. He established PharMethod Inc., which serves as a strategic partner to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries by providing third-party oversight with end-to-end technical solutions and services to ensure regulatory compliance for live and virtual events. Its technology platforms are developed for ease of modification and scalability to support client expansion and industry changes. Its proprietary portal systems and webcasting technology have made it a market leader in this growing industry.

Not stopping there, Dave gauged the track of webcasting technology needs in pharma and created, Xyvid Inc. By broadcasting high-resolution virtual events over the Internet, Xyvid helps pharma and other Fortune 1000 companies engage with their audiences and deliver their message with impact. Through interactivity, HD quality and uncompromising service, Xyvid effectively markets, educates and communicates globally to client targets.

As mentioned earlier, Dave is driven—and by a set of core values intended to build teams of people with incredible talent, all striving towards the ultimate goal of leaving the world a better place. He has made this his central commitment—to community and the globe.


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