ELITE Entrepreneurs Reide Rosen & David Schoonmaker of D+R LATHIAN, LLC

Reide Rosen & David Schoonmaker

Founding Partners



Transforming Healthcare Multichannel Marketing

David Schoonmaker and Reide Rosen started their individual careers in pharmaceuticals in the mid-1990s. David was working his way up the corporate ladder at McNeil Consumer Products Co., while Reide was doing the same at Oclassen Pharmaceuticals. It was during the first dotcom boom that they both felt the excitement of creating an agency to get “in the game” with custom direct mail with a goal to build into a full-service multichannel agency. In 1999 they formed D&R Communications and landed Cipro® as their first client with a $1.8 million direct mail contract. And so it began.

Two years later, David and Reide partnered with a digital agency and formed PowerXposure —one of the first multichannel marketing (MCM) offerings in pharma which fused the synergies of custom direct mail with email and eDetails. PowerXposure exceeded $20 million of billings by 2008. High ROIs helped elevate MCM as an imperative strategy in the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2012, to be true multichannel under one roof, D&R acquired Lathian Systems forming D+R LATHIAN, combining the direct marketing expertise of D&R with Lathian’s digital solutions (including mydrugrep.com) and technology platform.

Today it’s no surprise that D+R LATHIAN is a leading provider of technology-enabled pharmaceutical MCM solutions. In fact, the entire D+R LATHIAN team are MCM specialists, each with more than a decade of healthcare marketing experience. They are dedicated to understanding the challenges that each and every one of their clients face and providing unmatched service and tailored solutions to those challenges.

As D+R nears its 18th anniversary, David and Reide remind us all that success depends on taking risks, persevering, innovating, and transforming within the industry. But, most importantly, David and Reide agree maintaining strong, trusting relationships, both externally and internally, is the most important factor—just like their friendship and business partnership, which has outlasted most in the industry. Cheers to that!


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