ELITE Disrupter Brenda Snow of Snow Companies

Brenda Snow

Founder & CEO

Snow Companies



Leading the Charge to True Patient Engagement

Brenda Snow knows how to engage patients. You could say it’s in her DNA. Before founding Snow Companies, Brenda, who has MS, saw the biopharma industry as ripe for thorough disruption. Her own experience taught her that patients must be placed front and center, educated, helped, and embraced by the healthcare industry. As such, Brenda became a “stand out” among an illustrious group of industry leaders who, over the past 20 years, quite literally kicked off the patient engagement movement, and turned it into a business that translates into victories for patients whose needs were previously unmet.

This did not come easily. When Brenda started this mission, brand managers were only starting to realize the potential to do better by patients while at the same time improving brand market position, or, in unbranded initiatives, increasing disease awareness among relevant populations. Brenda pushed disruption and today, patient engagement and centricity top the biopharma agenda.

Widely regarded as the number one patient engagement opinion leader, Brenda has been published in numerous magazines including PM360, Pharmaceutical Marketing Europe, and DTC Perspectives, to name a few. She speaks extensively to corporate audiences about her experiences—and how to effectively communicate with patient audiences. She has also received recognition from numerous NGOs worldwide.

Spearheaded by this living, breathing dynamo, Snow Companies is ranked among the nation’s leading companies, winning awards including, Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies (46th in the health industry, 627th overall), the AMCP MarCom Award, PM360’s Pharma Choice and Trailblazer Awards, the DTC National Advertising Award—and multiple Telly Awards honoring Snow’s video work.

Impressive as it seems, all these awards are dwarfed in comparison to the countless patient lives and treatment outcomes that have been improved. Nobody has enabled more patients to become their own advocates than Brenda—the count of persons activated by Snow initiatives is in the multiple millions. Innumerable cards, letters, Facebook comments, emails, and personal conversations with patients give testament to the strength of Snow’s model to not only transform an industry, but people’s lives as well.


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