ELITE Creative Director Brent Scholz of Intouch Solutions

Brent Scholz

VP, Executive Creative Director

Intouch Solutions

The Big Idea Generator

From human health to animal health to tourism to retail, Brent Scholz’s 19 years in the industry have given him the chance to work on a wide variety of domestic and international brands. As VP, Executive Creative Director at Intouch, he helps lead the entire creative department, and also oversees a diverse group of creative teams on individual accounts, including the video team. Brent’s work runs the gamut from website to broadcast to print to guerrilla marketing to video to “whatever the idea calls for.”

Last year, Brent was the lead on a groundbreaking initiative: The industry’s first app utilizing both virtual and augmented reality in the retinal disease category. Called “In My Eyes,” the app was created to help educate healthcare professionals, caregivers, and other members of the low-vision community on how it may feel to live with certain retinal diseases.

The app offers two modes: Story Mode and Live Mode. In Story Mode, users can experience how vision deterioration can affect everyday situations through three fully immersive, 360° interactive videos. In Live Mode, users will see how vision deterioration can impact the way they navigate their own environment in real time. The agency also partnered with experts whose work has been featured on Lost, Breaking Bad, and Westworld to build a specialized camera rig in order to film the 360° scenarios.

Prior to joining Intouch, Brent served as a copywriter and creative director at agencies large and small. His strategic sense and thirst for the big idea have led to products like an app that lets theater audience members help direct the performance on stage to the creation of reverse graffiti messaging on sidewalks around dog parks that warns of the dangers of fleas and ticks. These ideas and more have helped Brent win recognition from the likes of the Tomorrow Awards, SXSW Interactive, the One Show, Google Creative Sandbox, ADDYs, Webby Awards, Adweek and many more. And now he can add PM360 ELITE to that list as well.


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