ELITE Creative Director Laurie Bartolomeo of Dudnyk

Laurie Bartolomeo

EVP, Creative Director




A Flair for Detail

Laurie’s distinctive leadership is defined by her firm belief that at the end of the day, advertising is all about the work and what goal she is trying to achieve with each brand challenge. She does not put much credence into momentary flashes of creative brilliance or the practice of dishing out without digging in.

Laurie knows that the answers come when you search for them, and that can only happen by examining a challenge from every scientific, strategic, and creative angle. Watching her work is like witnessing an artist hand-craft their finished product. You can be assured that every strategy has been built on her intuitive vision, every campaign has been polished with her flair for detail, and every headline has been borne from hours of careful construction. Laurie sets a high standard for her entire team by staying focused on identifying insights that will help inform amazing creative executions.

Working tirelessly to bring new ideas to life, Laurie takes a holistic approach to building brand experiences across a range of therapeutic categories and channels. She believes in the importance of evaluating a brand at each stage of its lifecycle to ensure strategies and executional plans are aligned at every step. After working with rare diseases for much of her career, Laurie appreciates the impact of her agency’s work on healthcare professionals and the patients and caregivers who are helped as a result.

Laurie makes a genuine effort to identify strengths in her colleagues, and thinks outside the box to help these individuals grow. She has also taken a special interest in the development of many young women at Dudnyk. As a powerful female leader in our industry, she recognizes her unique position to help others benefit from the lessons she’s learned during her own journey. She speaks to these individuals with the compassion of someone who has experienced similar challenges and worked to overcome them. She pays particular attention to those who are growing into management positions because she truly wants them to become strong leaders who find personal fulfillment as they contribute to the company mission.


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