2021 Pharma Choice Variety (Event) Gold Winner closerlook, Syneos Health, Sarofsky, and argenx

closerlook, Syneos Health, Sarofsky, and argenx

A Mystery to Me, Premiere

argenx invited the entire myasthenia gravis (MG) community to the virtual premiere of A Mystery to Me, a documentary series about MG. The event included an interactive virtual lobby that delivered the excitement of an in-person film premiere, including a celebrity meet-and-greet, community art gallery, and red-carpet photo booth.

closerlook Team Members:

Ryan Mason, Chief Strategy Officer
Jim Kelly, Executive Creative Director
Chelsea Patton, Group Account Director
Chrissy Steger, Account Director
Parker Gibson, Senior Art Director
Susan McCarthy, Group Director, MCM Strategy
Katie Kimbrough, Project Director
Mackenzie Nickens, Project Manager
Cecilia Nonis, Senior Designer
Stephanie Kuta, Director, Business Analyst

Syneos Health Team Members:

Stephanie Bukantz, Senior Vice President

Sarofsky Team Members:

Steven Anderson, Executive Producer
Erin Sarofsky, Producer
Karen Carter, Producer
Ben Strang, Director
Joel Signer, Senior Producer

argenx Team Members:

Tim Van Hauwermeiren, Chief Executive Officer
Keith Woods, Chief Operating Officer
Rebecca McLeod, General Manager, U.S.
Katrina Sergeev Gary, Director of U.S. Patient Marketing MG
Albert Kovera, Senior Director, Global Neurology Marketing
Alyson McNamara, Associate Director, U.S. Patient Marketing MG
Kathy Perez, Head, Global Patient Advocacy & Policy
Beth DelGiacco, Vice President Investor Relations
Kelsey Kirk, Manager, Corporate Communications


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