2018 Pharma Choice Video Bronze Winner Avant Healthcare and AMAG Women’s Health

Avant Healthcare

AMAG Women’s Health

“Having the Talk”

As a leader in women’s sexual health, AMAG Pharmaceuticals believes women deserve better. This is reflected in their three-video campaign for women over 50 who experience pain with sex. Created by Avant Healthcare, these videos address Painful Sex 101, Options for Treatment, and Talking to Your Healthcare Provider About Painful Sex.

Agency Team:

Account Director: Kristina Musial
Senior Account Manager: Nichole Healy
Senior Digital Project Manager: Stephanie Bartelt
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jane Doman
Senior Art Director: Kelly Mitchell
Technical Director, Video: Alex Faurote
Associate Medical Director: Valerie Siclari
Medical Writer: Callie Leuck

Client Team:

Executive Director of Marketing: Christine Waite


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