The 2024 PM360 Pharma Choice Awards – Video Silver Winner

imre Health and AstraZeneca

“Pit Crew of One”

In a riveting portrayal of teamwork, “Pit Crew of One” challenges the BREZTRI pit crew to execute a pit stop solo, representing the challenges COPD patients face without adequate support. Capturing real-time reactions through fast-paced competition, vividly exemplifying how racing—and overcoming COPD challenges—is best tackled as a team.

Ben Myers VP Creative Director
Mackenzie Kaufman Creative Producer
Alex Harden VFX Director
Samantha Di Paolo Account Director
Liz Ligotti Senior Account Executive
Cameryn Duran Senior Art Director
Caroline Parks Senior Project Manager

Megan Wimmer Senior Director, Marketing
Nejla Abbed Director, Marketing
Alex Fernandez Associate Director, Marketing
Rosemarie Carey Director, PRA


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