Publisher’s Letter

“If you can imagine it you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it”; inspirational words by William Arthur Ward. My dreams have materialized with the launch of PM360. During my 25 years in the pharma communications industry, starting with ad space sales and most recently as publisher of PMT, I had often envisioned applying my industry experience, leadership ability, and creativity to a venture of my own. Thus, PM360 was born.

Our mission and vision at PM360 is to provide you—product managers, the CEO of your brand—with the best, most practical, unbiased, and authoritative information available. We will deliver the know-how to make your product the best and most successful in your market category and in the industry. From product development through market penetration and acceptance, every issue of PM360 will bring you succinct, timely, and practical information enabling you to apply finely honed strategies, tried-and-true tactics, and best business practices to your brand.

PM360 recognizes your informational needs, as well as your personal and career interests. All of us have interests beyond our jobs, and it is our belief that recognizing the total person in our editorial offerings will make for a more enjoyable and informative read. PM360’s precisely targeted editorial will help you make the right decisions for the wide array of responsibilities mandated by your position and provide insight into some of your personal interests as well.

There is no doubt that our industry is experiencing the most challenging and regulated environment we have ever seen. However, with challenge and adversity often comes unparalleled opportunity, the ability to follow your dream, and the chance to excel beyond all expectations. Here’s to our dreams and to your success.