Adding an ablative fractional laser to daylight-assisted photodynamic therapy significantly improved the clearance rate of actinic keratoses in organ transplant recipients, compared with daylight PDT alone, conventional PDT alone, or ablative fractional laser alone, based on data from the treatment of 542 AKs in 16 adult patients reported by Dr. Katrine Togsverd-Bo of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and her colleagues (Br. J. Dermatol. 2015;172:467-74).

Each patient underwent each of the four treatment modalities on four randomized areas on the same region of the body. Three months after treatment, AK clearance rates were 74% for the combination AFL-dPDT, compared with 46% for daylight PDT alone, 50% for conventional PDT alone, and 5% for ablative fractional laser alone (P < .001). Read the full article from the British Journal of Dermatology here .