Confideo Labs is the leading provider of immersive healthcare media. The company designs, develops, and deploys virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality tactics and strategies that transform how healthcare stakeholders learn about products and conditions.

The award-winning firm is comprised of passionate strategists and innovative creators that are hyper-focused on quality and committed to unlocking value from immersive media and leading-edge experiential technology platforms that educate, engage, and inspire.

Confideo Labs has produced over 250 immersive multimedia programs for leading brands and agencies, transcending media (interactive digital, 3D animation, 180/360° video, volumetric video, etc.), disseminated across a wide range of channels (personal/non-personal/remote).

The company offers a comprehensive suite of proprietary turnkey services including strategy, planning, design, development, animation, videography, fulfillment, and advanced analytics.

Confideo Labs is a division of Confideo, LLC, which also owns and operates Confideo Media and Confideo Ventures.

215 Park Avenue South, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Year Founded: 2014

Parent Company: Independent 

New Business Contact:
Mike Marett, Founder 

Mike Marett, Founder

“In 2020, Confideo experienced explosive growth and business diversification, thanks to our trusted clients. In 2021, we continue to pioneer the immersive category with visceral and interactive multidimensional experiences that deepen HCP education and re-imagine storytelling across remote and personal engagement channels.”