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CMI/Compas has been creating media innovation for over 30 years, uncovering how healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers consume information. We’re passionate about finding ways to reach healthcare audiences in this complex landscape to ultimately achieve healthier outcomes.

To find out more about how CMI/Compas can engage your audiences and grow your brand, reach out to Lindsay Dinan at or 908-812-1112 and tell her what’s keeping you up at night and let’s see what we can do for you.

2200 Renaissance Blvd., Suite 160
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Year Founded: 1989

Number of Employees: 500+

Parent Company: WPP

New Business Contact:
Lindsay Dinan
Associate Director, Sales Operations

Eugene Lee, Chief Operating Officer

“Our uniqueness comes with how we leverage technology and data to completely understand audiences, deriving insights that are then actionable in media. Our company’s approach is also different as it ensures that media actually drives business change for our clients.”