SuperSonic Imagine Showcases Liver Imaging Innovations with Diversatek Healthcare at Digestive Disease Week 2017

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, FRANCE--(Marketwired - May 4, 2017) - SuperSonic Imagine (EURONEXT PARIS: SSI) (FR0010526814), a company specializing in ultrasound medical imaging, announced today that it will showcase its Aixplorer® platform with real-time ShearWave™ Elastography (SWE™) for the assessment and management of liver diseases at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) Annual Meeting 2017, held May 6 - 9 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Accompanying SuperSonic Imagine will be Diversatek Healthcare, the exclusive distributor of Aixplorer® to Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists in the U.S.A. SuperSonic Imagine and Diversatek Healthcare will be exhibiting during DDW 2017 in the Exhibit Hall at booth #1921.

"At SuperSonic Imagine, innovation in liver imaging is a driving passion, so we are thrilled to attend DDW once again and share the clinical benefits of the Aixplorer's SWE technology with specialists from around the world," said Jacques Souquet, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at SuperSonic Imagine. "With our distribution partner, we are committed to expanding our footprint in the U.S.A., Diversatek Healthcare shares our goal of managing chronic Liver Disease with non invasive diagnostic liver imaging and quantification to assist in diagnosis. At our booth, attendees can see firsthand how SWE technology promises to do just that."

"Our mission is to bring our customers in Gastroenterology and Hepatology the latest technologies to improve patient care," said Stuart Wildhorn, Chief Scientific Officer, Diversatek Healthcare. "The Aixplorer platform with SWE technology truly changes the landscape of liver disease management, making it an excellent fit for our customers and our company. Being able to visualize what you are measuring adds to better patient management."

Real-time ShearWave Elastography (SWE), available only on the Aixplorer system, is a 60-second non-invasive exam used for imaging chronic liver disease. SWE offers the advantage of real-time imaging of liver anatomy, while also providing not only a color-coded map of liver stiffness, but also a quantification tool for the measurement of stiffness which is an important parameter for liver diagnostic. Over 100 peer reviewed publications have demonstrated the reliability and effectiveness of SuperSonic Imagine's SWE in imaging liver pathologies.

Recently, the results of an international multicenter study on 1134 patients were published in Hepatology, and confirmed the benefit of SWE in the non-invasive assessment of liver stiffness1, including for patients with diseases such as hepatitis C that may require repeated follow-up evaluations. Although biopsy has been considered the standard for assessing liver fibrosis severity, the drawbacks of this invasive approach include significant incidence of morbidity, high procedure costs due to longer hospitalisation, and clinical shortcomings. Stiffness is even sometimes underestimated in 10-30% of cases.2,3

1 Herrmann E. 2D-Shear Wave Elastography Is Equivalent or Superior to Transient Elastography for Liver Fibrosis Assessment: Results from an Individual Patient Data Based Meta-analysis. The International Liver Congress, Vienna, April 23, 2015.
2 Sampling error and intraobserver variation in liver biopsy in patients with chronic HCV infection. Regev A, Berho, M, Jeffers LJ, Milikowski C, Molina EG, Pyrsopoulos NT, Feng ZZ, Reddy KR, Schiff ER. Am J Gastroenterol. 2002 Oct;97(10):2614-8.
3 Sources of variability in histological scoring of chronic viral hepatitis. Rousselet MC, Michalak S, Dupré F, Croué, A, Bedossa P, Saint-André JP, Calès P; Hepatitis Network 49. Hepatology. 2005 Feb;41(2):257-64.

About Diversatek Healthcare
Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Diversatek Healthcare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Diversatek Inc. A leader in gastroenterological medical devices and diagnostics, Diversatek Healthcare's tenured management team is committed to making business personal again through a hands-on approach to understanding clinical and patient needs. Diversatek Healthcare is driving science in the GI space while providing comprehensive educational offerings through Diversatek University, including on-site training and virtual platforms. The company offers an extensive range of state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic GI applications from esophageal dilators and endoscopic accessories to high-resolution impedance manometry systems and impedance/pH total reflux monitoring.

Diversatek Inc. recently united two complementary subsidiaries, Sandhill Scientific and Medovations, to form one singular organization committed to technologies that simplify the complex medical marketplace. For additional information, visit or contact us at 800-558-6408.

About SuperSonic Imagine

Founded in 2005 and based in Aix-en-Provence (France), SuperSonic Imagine is a company specializing in medical imaging. The company designs, develops and markets a revolutionary ultrasound system, Aixplorer®, with an UltraFast™ platform that can acquire images 200 times faster than conventional ultrasound systems. In addition to providing exceptional image quality, this unique technology is the foundation of several innovations which have changed the paradigm of ultrasound imaging: ShearWave™ Elastography (SWE™), UltraFast™ Doppler, Angio PL.U.S - Planewave UltraSensitive™ Imaging and more recently TriVu. ShearWave Elastography allows physicians to visualize and analyze the stiffness of tissue in a real-time, reliable, reproducible and non-invasive manner. This criteria has become an important parameter in diagnosing potentially malignant tissue or other diseased tissue. As of today, over 300 peer-reviewed publications have demonstrated the value of SWE for the clinical management of patients with a wide range of diseases. SuperSonic Imagine has been granted regulatory clearances for the commercialization of Aixplorer in key global markets. SuperSonic Imagine is a listed company since April 2014 on the Euronext, symbol SSI. For more information about SuperSonic Imagine, please go to

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