Matrix Medical Network puts a 40-foot Mobile Clinic into a 20-foot Exhibit Booth

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Matrix Medical Network (Matrix) has harnessed the power of new 3D 360-degree virtual reality technology to transport RISE Nashville Summit attendees into one of its new mobile clinics, allowing them to experience first-hand the advanced onboard capabilities.

Recently, Matrix acquired HealthFair, bringing together two established population health leaders -- Matrix with its expansive in-home capabilities and HealthFair with its national fleet of mobile health clinics. RISE attendees will get a virtual walk through of all aspects of these mobile clinics, from a waiting room that seats nine to an advanced diagnostic testing area, by using a virtual reality headset at the Matrix booth.

“We believe RISE Nashville Summit attendees will be excited not only to experience this innovative technology, but to see how our new capabilities expand the scope of diagnostic and preventive services now available,” said Walt Cooper, President and Chief Executive Officer of Matrix.

Population health services from Matrix include comprehensive health assessments that develop complete medical and health risk profiles, comprehensive care management for those with complex medical conditions, post-acute care transition support, targeted diabetes care, quality care gap closure programs, community care-determination assessments and specialized programs to engage hard-to-reach members.

In addition to the national fleet of mobile clinics, Matrix’s network has more than 6,000 community-based providers across all 50 states and its services will be available to nearly one in five Medicare Advantage members.

To learn more about Matrix’s solutions, visit or attendees of the RISE Nashville Summit (March 11-13, 2018) can meet with representatives from Matrix – and take the virtual reality tour of a mobile clinic - at booth #14.

About Matrix Medical Network
Matrix Medical Network provides a broad array of assessment and care management services to individuals that improve health outcomes and health plan financial performance. Using advanced data capture and diagnostic technologies, Matrix providers visit with health plan members to gain a deep understanding about how to best support their care needs. This information is used to enhance their relationships with primary care providers and ensure that health plan services are appropriately aligned, resulting in better overall health outcomes. Matrix is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, and partners with leading health plans and providers across the country. Matrix is backed by Frazier Healthcare ( and Providence Service Corporation ( (Nasdaq:PRSC) of Stamford, CT.  For more information, visit

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