Lose Weight, Look Younger and Feel Better with Diet Doc’s hGH, Sermorelin Anti-Aging Therapy, a Revolutionary Prescription Product that Enables the Body to Produce Its Own Natural Hormones

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Although the aging process cannot be completely stopped, it is possible to reverse and slow the signs and symptoms. Diet Doc’s hGH, Semorelin anti-aging therapy, helps patients fight back by triggering and resetting the pituitary gland for natural hormone production.

As the body ages, its natural production of various hormones wains, leaving people looking old and feeling tired. Signs of wear and tear begin to surface and many people begin to notice wrinkles, droopy skin, thinning hair, weakened muscle and loss of stamina. And, while it is impossible to completely stop the aging process, there is a way to fight back.

The pituitary, a pea-sized gland that rests at the base of the brain is responsible for the production and release of very important, natural hormones that control the function of various organs and systems throughout the human body. As the body ages, hormone production wains. Men may notice a decreased sexual desire and function, loss of muscle and feeling tired and sluggish while women typically experience hot flashes, mood swings and weight gain as they reach menopause. And, while it is not possible to totally reverse the aging process, Diet Doc has developed revolutionary hGH, Sermorelin anti-aging therapy, that makes the transition into the next phase of life more comfortable and, even more exciting, for men and women alike.

Developed after decades of research, combined with the most modern medical understanding, the country’s most innovative technology and the best minds in the industry, Diet Doc’s hGH, Sermorelin anti-aging therapy, has helped people in every corner of the country look and feel their best while transitioning into the next phase of life. Offering a wide range of benefits, Sermorelin patients report:

-       Better sleep quality;
–       Increased metabolism;
-       Increased lean muscle and strength;
-       Increased libido and energy levels;
-       Improved mental acuity and clarity;
-       Stronger immune system;
-       Increased bone density;
-       Increased collagen resulting in tighter and softer skin;
-       Improvement in skin tone;
-       Decrease in wrinkles and sagging skin;
-       Weight loss.   

Diet Doc’s hGH, Sermorelin anti-aging therapy is not a synthetic drug. It simply boosts the body’s ability to produce its own natural human growth hormone. Available by prescription only, Diet Doc patients who are interested in looking and feeling younger can simply call 888-934-4451 or visit www.dietdoc.com to complete a health questionnaire and schedule a personal, online consultation with one of the company’s highly trained doctors. Available in oral tablets, as well as convenient and painless injectable solution, Diet Doc’s hGH Sermorelin is safe, natural and effective.  

Diet Doc is a nationally recognized leader in the weight loss industry and has become a trusted and reliable source for pure, prescription diet products, essential vitamins and minerals and hormone replacement therapy. With prescription products manufactured in the United States in FDA approved and fully licensed pharmacies, patients can rest assured that they are receiving only the safest and most effective products available on today’s market.   
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