Healthwise Launches New Shared Decision Making Programs to Improve High-Stakes Decisions and Outcomes

BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Studies show that people who use decision aids are more informed, better understand their risks, and are more satisfied with their care. And 80% of physicians who use decision aids said it improved the quality of care. To give organizations everything they need to seize this opportunity, Healthwise has released six comprehensive shared decision making programs to support critical decisions in high-impact specialty areas. 

Healthwise® Shared Decision Making Programs for Orthopedics, Cardiology, Urology, Pregnancy, Primary Care and End of Life include the tools, technology, and processes needed to effectively implement shared decision making. Easily delivered from within the clinical workflow, interactive decision aids prompt patients to think about what matters most to them. Those preferences are then saved back to the patient record via HL7® interfaces, giving the care team better insight about the next step in the care plan. Each program also includes focused health education materials to support the patient after the decision has been made and ensure the best possible outcomes.

Because communication is key to the shared decision making process, organizations also receive the Healthwise® SDM Skills Course. This scalable, online training helps providers enhance and practice their communication skills in realistic situations. And the fourth integral part of each program is collaboration with Healthwise experts who work with each organization to customize the programs to fit their unique needs and achieve their specific business goals.

“Shared decision making is a tool for the patient and provider to start difficult conversations,” said Brooke Baus, Ambulatory Clinical Informaticist at Thedacare. “Some people are not aware of the different options out there for them. This tool helps the patient navigate those big decisions.”

“Successful shared decision making allows patients and their care team to work together,” said Adam Husney, Chief Medical Officer at Healthwise. “We’re pleased that we can help advance those important conversations by delivering effective tools, the enabling technology, and best practices. It’s what our mission is all about—helping people make better health decisions.”

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