Fluidigm Announces Participation in Life Science/Pharma and Academic Consortium to Study T Cell-Driven Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases

Gaining insights into inflammatory bowel disease through mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry analysis of the human mucosal immune system

Research aimed at more precise treatments for IMIDs using existing therapies and identification of new targets for drug development

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fluidigm Corporation (NASDAQ: FLDM) today announced it is one of 11 partners in the TIMID Consortium, a unique effort of six academic institutions and five life science and pharma companies that utilizes both mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry™ along with other technologies to explore the common cellular basis of T cell-driven immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs). The research will potentially empower more precise treatments using existing drugs and identify new targets for future drug development.

IMIDs affect tens of millions of people worldwide, including 5–8 percent of the populations of North America and Europe. Current first-line treatments for IMIDs are typically medications to suppress inflammatory immune responses. These therapies often have side effects and may not effectively suppress inflammation. Consortium partners will characterize the common cellular basis for seven IMIDs: type 1 diabetes, spondylosing arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, graft versus host disease and colon cancer.

The consortium’s hypothesis is that an immune response to intestinal bacteria is an important driver of these diseases. A central focus of the research is an analysis of the deregulated antimicrobial immune response and classification of these seven IMIDs based on this response. As part of the consortium’s work, Professor of Immunology Frits Koning, Ph.D., of Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, is leading mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry analysis of the human mucosal immune system in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

“We think that in this very serious disease the response of the immune system turns against the bacteria in the intestine, which can lead to continuous inflammation,” said Koning. “Gaining a clearer understanding through mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry analysis of how this comes about could provide a major advantage in treatment.”

Mass cytometry deeply profiles immune cell phenotypes and functions and is the basis of hundreds of peer-reviewed publications documenting research on the frontiers of immunology, immuno-oncology and other realms of health and disease. The Hyperion™ Imaging System extends the use of mass cytometry technology to imaging applications, revolutionizing high-plex tissue analysis by surpassing the inherent limitations of fluorescence detection. There are approximately 250 commercially enabled mass cytometry systems worldwide.

“Our mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry technology is playing a crucial role in this important research,” said Chris Linthwaite, President and CEO of Fluidigm. “The power of these technologies to deeply interrogate tissue samples enables researchers to answer difficult questions about the nature of the human immune system, potentially informing development of precision medicine approaches to therapies.

“Inflammatory bowel disease, the focus of Dr. Koning’s research, includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and affects millions. Our employees are proud to be associated with research that may lead to new therapies.”

The work of the consortium is expected to extend through 2022.

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