BK Ultrasound, Powered by Analogic, Showcases bkFusion at AUA 2017

PEABODY, Mass., May 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Analogic Corporation (Nasdaq:ALOG), enabling the world's medical imaging and aviation security technology, today announced that it will showcase bkFusion™, a groundbreaking solution for improving biopsy targeting in prostate cancer, at the 112th AUA (American Urological Association) Annual Meeting, May 12–16 in Boston. bkFusion is the latest innovation from the company’s flagship BK Ultrasound brand. It is the first MRI-fusion prostate biopsy application that is fully integrated onto a premium ultrasound system—the bk3000—for use by urologists in both hospital and office settings. The bk3000 system is designed for urology, general imaging and procedural guidance applications.

Diagnosing prostate cancer can be a challenge, and conventional, systematic biopsies are often inconclusive, raising risks of missing high-grade tumors or under-staging lesions for active surveillance. In order to empower urologists to give clear answers to their patients, BK Ultrasound has partnered with MIM Software Inc., a market-leading imaging solution provider for radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, neuroimaging and cardiac imaging, to create bkFusion. bkFusion is a powerful advancement in diagnostic visualization that combines powerful real-time ultrasound imaging with data about lesion extent and location from MRI. By seamlessly fusing MRI information onto real-time ultrasound images without interruptions to workflow, bkFusion provides urologists guidance to help accurately and quickly target and biopsy lesions. MRI details from the radiology department can be easily imported into bkFusion via PACS, USB, CD or a cloud platform, which enables secure and HIPAA-compliant data transfer. As bkFusion is completely integrated on the bk3000 ultrasound system, no additional bulky equipment or set-up time is required and it fits easily into any exam space. With an intuitive workflow and small footprint, the bk3000 and bkFusion enable fast and reliable disease management for all urologists.

“We are very pleased to launch bkFusion in partnership with MIM,” said Brooks West, senior vice president and general manager, Global Ultrasound Business. “This is the solution that our customers in the urology community have been looking for, made possible by combining MIM’s expertise in medical image processing for assistance in cancer visualization with our strength in specialty ultrasound. Unlike current solutions for MRI-fusion where the focus is on MRI, bkFusion brings real-time ultrasound to the center of the workflow. MRI information helps to guide urologists to their target, while premium prostate ultrasound image quality, provided by the bk3000, helps urologists visualize and revalidate subtle lesions in real time.”

“We are excited to partner with BK Ultrasound to bring this innovation to urology,” said Jon Piper, vice president of research and development at MIM. “bkFusion empowers MRI imaging in the urology office while delivering the patient-centered clinical benefits of targeted biopsy, all in the privacy and comfort of a convenient outpatient setting. Our collaborative mission is to deliver technology that enhances care for the greatest number of patients possible. bkFusion is practical to implement in centers of any size and, in conjunction with our advanced reporting and segmentation products for radiology, will enable efficient utilization of this emerging diagnostic standard.”

BK will also feature its wide range of urology products, such as the Flex Focus line of ultrasound systems, at the AUA Annual Meeting, Booth #916. MIM Software will also be demonstrating bkFusion at Booth #740.

About Analogic – Celebrating 50 Years of Imaging Innovation
Analogic (Nasdaq:ALOG) provides leading-edge healthcare and security technology solutions to advance the practice of medicine and save lives. We are recognized around the world for advanced imaging and real-time guidance technologies used for disease diagnosis and treatment as well as for automated threat detection. Our market-leading ultrasound systems, led by our flagship BK Ultrasound brand, used in procedure-driven markets such as urology, surgery, and point-of-care, are sold to clinical practitioners around the world. Our advanced imaging technologies are also used in computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and digital mammography systems, as well as automated threat detection systems for aviation security. Analogic is headquartered just north of Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, visit www.analogic.com.

About MIM Software Inc. (AUA Booth #740)
MIM Software Inc. provides practical imaging solutions in the fields of radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, neuroimaging, and cardiac imaging. MIM offers solutions for PC and Mac® workstations as well as mobile iOS and cloud-based platforms. MIM is a privately held company that sells its products globally to imaging centers, hospitals, specialty clinics, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. For more information, visit http://www.mimsoftware.com.

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