INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Binford Pet Wellness Clinic of Indianapolis, Indiana, shares their philosophy of pet wellness. The main tenant of their philosophy is to care for pets and their owners with honesty and sincerity. The doctors and staff at Binford Pet Wellness Clinic are all on board with this philosophy with the understanding that pets are important members of their families. As such, they require and deserve the highest possible quality of care. This philosophy is present in all services the clinic provides from medical care and services to surgical services, and even grooming.

Indianapolis, Indiana's Binford Pet Wellness Clinic supports the philosophy of pet wellness. This philosophy, according to veterinarian Dr. Mike Graves, extends to all areas of services the clinic provides. Whether pets are visiting for monthly grooming, vaccinations or dental visits, they are entitled to the highest possible quality of care and service the clinic has to offer.

"We believe that every pet and owner should leave here feeling confident that they have received effective and compassionate care," says Dr. Graves. The clinic is home to two associate veterinarians, Dr. Angela Darden and Dr. Kara Burdine who are both dedicated to the Binford Pet Wellness Clinic Philosophy.

Part of that philosophy involves caring for the whole animal rather than simply treating an illness, injury, or condition. That's why the clinic focuses on the "whole health" and well-being of the pets that are treated there.

Prevention is an important part of the treatment philosophy practiced at Binford Pet Wellness Clinic. This includes preventative treatments for fleas and ticks, heartworms, and reproductive needs in addition to vaccinations against a wide range of potentially devastating pet diseases.

"When illnesses or injuries strike, the team is ready with diagnostic and therapeutic services that include dietary counseling, radiology, hip health services and certifications, onsite and online pharmacy, and in-house labs – not to mention caring and attentive professionals," adds Dr. Graves.

The clinic is fully equipped to deal with pet surgeries that may be necessary as well. Surgical procedures available to pet owners consider simple services, such as spaying and neutering, to more complex emergency surgeries such as trauma, tumor removals, and exploratory surgeries.

The clinic practices lifelong care of the pets they serve including offering senior care services for aging pets who have special dietary and care needs. Pet owners in Indianapolis and surrounding communities are encouraged to call 317-288-0923 to make an appointment and experience the difference the Binford Pet Wellness Clinic philosophy can mean for their pets.

About Binford Pet Wellness Clinic

Binford Pet Wellness Clinic is located at the intersection of Binford Ave and East 71st Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The clinic offers a wide range of surgical and diagnostic services to area pets in addition to grooming services, preventative care and treatments, and overall wellness care.

CONTACT: Binford Pet Wellness Clinic, (317) 578-1298