AntiCancer PDOX Reaches Series A Financing Target, Appoints Board

CHICAGO, June 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ASCO 2017 -- AntiCancer PDOX, Inc. announced today that it has reached its original Series A financing target and appointed its Board of Directors.  AntiCancer PDOX is leveraging its life-saving PDOX® mouse modeling technique to assist genetic researchers, pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories as they undertake new drug discoveries for aggressive cancers. 

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“Our financing will enable us to continue to provide outstanding PDOX-based laboratory research and to expand our pre-clinical offerings to the world’s leading pharmaceutical and research organizations,” said Peter Ellman, CEO of AntiCancer PDOX. 

The AntiCancer PDOX Board features world-renowned physicians and scientists from the UCLA and UCSD oncology departments along with some of Southern California’s most successful healthcare entrepreneurs and business minds.

AntiCancer PDOX will debut its suite of pre-clinical oncology services at ASCO 2017, the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists, to be held June 2-6 at McCormick Place.  The company will showcase the services in Booth #6026. 

All AntiCancer PDOX pre-clinical research services utilize PDOX.  PDOX stands for Patient Derived Orthotopic Xenografts™.  It is based on a technique called Surgical Orthotopic Implantation, in which the patient’s tumor is surgically implanted in the corresponding location in the mouse – the orthotopic or “correct” location. 

Studies show that PDOX provides the closest tumor behavior to the patient and is the only technique that reliably metastasizes.  This makes PDOX the most clinically relevant PDX solution available.

The PDOX process enables the concurrent testing of multiple drugs in multiple mice against metastasis, which is the lethal aspect of cancers, as well as against the primary tumor.  This increases the accuracy, effectiveness and timeliness of treatment of the patient’s cancer.  By transplanting growing tumors from mouse to mouse, AntiCancer PDOX also enables cancer patients to immortalize and cryo-preserve their tumors for future research.


AntiCancer PDOX, Inc. was formed in 2016 as a spinout of AntiCancer, Inc.  It is a specialized medical oncology diagnostic and translational science company, dedicated to
bringing the PDOX precision medicine technology – which targets aggressive cancers – from the research laboratory to clinical practice. 

The company is now delivering customized contract services for in vivo drug evaluation, including developing cancer models, design of individual protocols, and execution of entire research programs. More than 600 drug discovery projects have already utilized the PDOX technique in contract research.

In more than 500 peer-reviewed studies, PDOX has demonstrated an 80% success rate of tumor growth and approximately a three-month median interval to treatment recommendation. Injectable subcutaneous and orthotopic PDX solutions currently on the market offer less than a 50% success rate and more than six months to treatment, with models that do not enable metastasis.

Evan Birkhead