What’s in Store for 2023?

The end of any year and the beginning of the next always elicits a natural sense of fear, anticipation, excitement, and evaluation. What’s next for us in our careers? Where is the industry headed? How can we be better—both as an industry and as an individual? These are not always easy questions to answer, but as we at PM360 are apt to do, we are going to try our best to help you answer them.

If you are curious as to what will be the biggest trends and changes in 2023, we asked 10 industry experts to peer into their crystal ball and let us know what to expect. The answers include ways to adjust to a cookie-less environment, the need to develop strategies to compliantly supply information in zero-click searches, the power regenerative AI will have to make storytelling easier, and the reason digital fatigue will actually lead to improved experiences. The economic environment will also loom large and likely pose similar challenges as the pandemic did. As Richard Zwickel, Founder, Chairman, & CEO of POCN, says, “drug price sensitivities will once again take center stage and marketers should be prepared for the negative perception of marketing spend amid the high prices and financial challenges that patients/families are facing.”

Addressing that challenge and others will require innovation, which is at the heart of this issue. For 11 years, our Innovations Issue has been the must-have guide to the latest advancements across our industry. Click here to find potential offerings and partners to help you resolve issues concerning reimbursement and product coverage, targeting, health equity, clinical trial meal preparation, identifying digital opinion leaders, building virtual meetings, and much more. You will also learn about the exciting progress being made in RNA therapies, gene editing, precision cancer diagnostics, contactless health monitoring, and other technologies sure to revolutionize treatment and diagnostics.

As the industry is undergoing these big changes, we also want to help you make some tweaks so you can advance further in your career. Nicholas Rosemarino and Dr. Catarina R. Dolsten of Aktum Group teach you “5 Steps to Master Body Language in Business,” in order to both better control your nonverbal communications as well as read those of others. That’s because PM360 is here to help you in all facets of your career, and we will continue to do so throughout 2023 to ensure you have a great year.


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