VIQ Solutions Announces Breakthrough Win with Major US Medical Trauma Center

TORONTO, Dec. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VIQ Solutions Inc. (“VIQ” or “VIQ Solutions”) (TSX-V:VQS), along with partners PESA and Heinz Pro AV, is pleased to announce that VIQ has embarked on a new partnership with the University of Virginia Medical Center for VIQ Satellite AV capture, management, and collaborative web portal solution.

“This collaborative project with the esteemed University of Virginia Medical Center is a significant win for VIQ in US healthcare. It is a partnership dedicated to enhancing the quality of care to trauma patients with our technology, which is focused on procedural and performance analysis. VIQ Satellite securely captures multipoint audio-video (AV), and sensor data with several layers of added functionality, including cybersecurity, data analytics and a collaboration web portal,” said Sebastien Paré, President and CEO of VIQ Solutions.

“This breakthrough materially advances VIQ’s growing international reputation in the markets we’re focused on, namely Healthcare, Public Safety, Justice, and Law Enforcement. VIQ’s leading-edge digital media solutions are designed to meet the exacting demands of these markets while maintaining the highest level of security and privacy for their digital content,” said Mr. Paré.

The University of Virginia Medical Center is among the top-ranked US medical centres, providing primary, specialty and emergency care to some of the most complex trauma and medical cases. To provide patients with the highest level of care, UVA leverages the expertise of surgeons and other medical experts through a collaborative approach and technologies to solve problems.

UVA has chosen to partner with VIQ to enrich this collaboration and further improve performance and quality of care in the area of trauma resuscitation.

In trauma resuscitation, multiple channels of live HD (high definition) video, audio and sensor data are captured and synchronized automatically in real time, within a secure central repository. With VIQ Satellite, authorized users can clip or tag meaningful events during the resuscitation and annotate specific sequences or events.

This event chronology, critical segments and annotations are routed to VIQ’s secure content portal, which has been customized to provide UVA’s quality review team with advanced decision support. Authorized collaborators can quickly locate any flagged content to generate analytics that will lead to advances in performance and quality of care.

The integrated solution uses PESA’s sophisticated XSTREAM C22 appliance to capture multi-channel AV streams in each surgery room. Heinz Pro AV, one of Virginia’s leading commercial sound system and multimedia contractors, provides additional hardware and infrastructure support for the project. The entire workflow is protected using sophisticated security tools including encryption, authentication, and authorization to provide secure content and keep patient information private.

Upon request of the client and our partners, the exact terms of this contract have been kept confidential.

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