Veeva Systems already made remote meetings between physicians and reps easier for life sciences companies during this pandemic by offering its Engage Meeting product within Veeva CRM for free to its customers until the end of August, and now it is doing again—this time for remote sampling.

Veeva recently introduced new remote sampling capabilities in Veeva CRM Engage Meeting that its customers can use for free. Remote sampling enables field reps to capture and fulfill HCPs’ sample requests, also known as business reply cards (BRCs), while hosting an online meeting. Now companies can complete drug sampling processes during remote meetings in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and PDMA requirements. This means reps can follow the same compliant process they would follow during an in-person meeting, which includes confirming license and address information, validating sample details, and even capturing and saving HCP signatures as part of the call record.

“Veeva CRM Engage Meeting is powering new ways of working remotely so field reps can help physicians maintain continuity in patient care,” Arno Sosna, General Manager of Veeva CRM, said in a statement. “Our dedication to product excellence and rapid innovation helps Veeva customers quickly deploy new digital capabilities and channels.”

Veeva also plans to introduce more features into Veeva CRM Engage Meeting to further aid companies as they transition to connecting with physicians remotely. Both remote medical inquiry management and consent management are expected to be added in the coming months. These new capabilities will allow reps to compliantly capture and respond to HCP medical inquiries and enable HCPs to approve their communication preferences.


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