Upgrading Your Home Office—Now and in the Future

Working from home has become a necessity during this global pandemic, but it may also become a much more prevalent option even after offices finally—and fully—open back up. Businesses have discovered that this can be an efficient and effective model for working. And some people have determined that they may actually prefer it to going to an office. Of course, that is not true for all people, but for those who are considering becoming more permanent WFH employees, they may want to think about making some upgrades. Assuming you already have the essentials, here are a few additions that are available right now and in the near future that can make your office life at home a bit easier.

Desk: Smart, Healthy, and Relaxing

The AiT Smart One ($449 to $988) and Phantom1 ($1,149) are height-adjustable desks that keep an eye out for your health. Controlled by a single app, the desks monitor your time sitting and indicate when it is time to switch to working standing up. Not only can these convert to standing desks, but they also offer other features such as a built-in fitness module with tips to stay active while working, an aromatherapy evaporator to reduce stress, a wireless phone charger, a cup warmer/cooler, an air quality sensor, Bluetooth speaker, and more. The desks are being funded on Indiegogo and expected to be available this fall.

Lamp: The Right Light

Staring at a computer and working inside all day can cause eye strain—if you don’t have the proper light. Luckily, the Dyson Lightcycle Morph ($649.99 to $849.99) can determine how much light you need in each moment. Using Dyson’s Daylight Tracking algorithm and three warm, three cool LEDs, this lamp can intelligently adjust the light it emits depending on the user’s task, age, mood, and local daylight. By providing each person with the proper light, the Lightcycle Morph helps to reduce eye strain and improve visual performance.

Keyboard: Feel Better Typing

For those with carpal tunnel, frequent hours spent typing away can lead to pain and discomfort. Logitech designed the ERGO K860 ($129.99) with a curved, split keyframe that improves your typing posture, leading to less muscle strain on your wrists and forearms by keeping your hands and shoulders relaxed. In fact, the pillowed wrist support is proven to offer 54% more support while reducing wrist bending by 25%.

Monitor: The Desk Space Savior

External monitors come in all shapes, sizes, and resolutions. You may prefer a large curved screen for more productivity or a 4k (or even 8k) screen for superior picture quality, but the Samsung Space Monitor ($270 to $600) is for all of those desk-clutterers out there. This monitor has a built-in space saving solution in the form of a minimalist fully integrated arm that clamps to the back of the desk. The 27-inch or 32-inch screen can then be adjusted to your optimal viewing height, all the while taking up no actual space on your desk.

Security: Cyber Protection Made Easy

If you are concerned about the security of your data, Firewalla offers some simple options—all without a monthly fee. Firewalla Red ($109) is better suited for families, while Firewalla Blue ($179) offers more power and speed for business use. Additionally, Firewalla Gold is expected this summer—offering even more power and the ability to serve as a router. No matter the option, you simply connect the device to your router, and you can prevent cyberattacks, block advertising on websites, take on the go to use as a VPN in public, and so much more.


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