Upgrade Your Office Space

Summer is over, which means people are returning from their vacations and settling back into their normal routines. For kids, this typically means heading back to school as they load up on new supplies to help them tackle the year ahead. Why should adults be left out of this annual ritual? Consider sprucing up your office with these latest upgrades to the typical office furniture.

Cubicle: Achieve Maximum Concentration


Before designing their new Brody WorkLounge ($2,700 and up), Steelcase analyzed neuroscientific and cognitive research findings to create a work space conducive to staying productive. The company determined that comfort and limiting visual distraction were key. The Brody WorkLounge features patented LiveLumbar technology for optimal posture while also keeping technology at eye level to reduce neck and shoulder strain. The lounge also creates a shelter from visual distractions and provides an enhanced sense of psychological security. The design also allows organizations to either link the lounges together to save space or to have standalone cubicles.

Standing Desk: Adjusting To Your Needs


The Stir Kinetic Desk M1 ($2,990) isn’t your standard standing desk. It can sense your presence, learn your preferences, allow you to set goals and its signature Whisperbreath feature even reminds you to change positions throughout the day. Users can also easily adjust the height via the 5-inch LCD screen embedded within the desk. And their preferences can also be stored in the cloud, so no matter what Stir desk you use it will automatically make the adjustment by recognizing you based on a Bluetooth device such as a Fitbit.

Stool: Perfect Your Posture


The Zami Smart ($1,249) isn’t just built to promote good posture, it can also provide feedback to ensure your posture—and health—is improving. The stool’s design immediately aligns the pelvis in a neutral position to facilitate the natural S-curve of the spine. This also promotes “active” sitting and movement of the legs to enable better circulation and decreased lower-body lethargy. Additionally, the stool has sensors that can provide feedback through an app which will also track your progress and provide notifications to get up and move around.

Desk: Office Presentations Made Easy


A desktop is a computer that sits atop your desk. But Sharetable ($4,590 to $5,990) has reimagined that word by literally turning the surface of a desk into a computer. The desk has its own CPU and OS (available in Apple OSX, Android and Windows 8.1), but it can also connect to your standard desktop computer or laptop. Suddenly, sharing presentations or info in your office is easier than ever. Rather than having someone awkwardly standing over you or constantly turning the computer around, he can just watch what you are doing on the Sharetable’s Full HD touchscreen.

Desk Lamp: Light The Way Forward


The Aerelight A1 ($299) shines a light on the future of desk lamps. Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) is the next-generation of energy efficient lighting as electricity passes through a thin layer of carbon-based organic dyes, which means no more changing light bulbs. The naturally soft light also reduces eye strain, and the Aerelight A1’s tri-state dimming feature can be controlled by touching the aluminum frame. The base of the lamp is also equipped to wirelessly charge any Qi and PMA 1.5+ compatible smartphone.


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