Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab Announces that Integrative Medicine is the New Medicine

LAKE CHARLES, La., April 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over the past 50 years, more and more studies have been performed on what is commonly known as alternative therapies or complementary therapies. Although these two forms of medicine come from the same premise, meaning they are different from “conventional” medicine (drugs, surgery, traditional physical therapy, etc.), their difference lies in simple terminology.

Complementary medicine is the practice of methods that are used in conjunction with conventional medicine to aid in treating a condition.

Alternative medicine is the practice of methods that are used in place of conventional medicine to serve as primary treatment for a condition.

In many cases, these methods are the same, yet some lack the measurable scientific evidence as compared to traditional medicine.

Do not let this play on words fool you though. Although some lack scientific evidence in the literature and halls of medical schools, they have been successfully utilized for thousands of years, before “conventional’ medicine even existed. It is only that modern science is just now catching up and able to measure these results. So much so that a new field of medicine based on proven evidence-based science has risen out of these once untested alternative and complementary therapies.

This field is named integrative medicine and it is now being called the New Medicine. This is huge for patients wanting to seek care from the best of all of the realms existing in medicine today. It just makes sense to combine all of what we know that works. More and more practitioners are shifting their mindset from being rigid in their own set of guiding principles to opening up the possibilities of the benefits of other fields of study.

With this integration, new discoveries are being made almost daily in how systems and energies of the body interact with one another, and how interconnected our being is with everything around us. Some of these new discoveries are producing results that are unheard of in the medical community and causing practitioners to rethink and question things they once thought.

These practitioners are discovering new techniques across the world, in big cities and well-funded research institutions, as well as in solo practice clinics in small-town America.

One clinic making these discoveries and developing new techniques is based right in your back yard. The doctors at Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab in Lake Charles, Louisiana are astonishing patients and other doctors with the results they are seeing every single day. By combining traditional therapies and physical medicine with ancient techniques and cutting-edge neuroscience, this clinic has become one of the leaders in the area for pain relief and neurological disorders.

If you are looking for relief or maybe just some answers, this would be a good place to look. You might be surprised at what you will find.  


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