Tremendous Challenge Yields Tremendous Benefit

Just when you thought the pharmaceutical industry was already changing and redefining itself at breakneck speed, it ramps up another notch, even two—especially true when it comes to companies acquiring new therapies to add to their pipeline through M&As. Although such acquisitions save years of R&D development—big money—the question becomes how to integrate the new product into an existing product portfolio, because that integration will be crucial to the new product’s launch success.

But doing this successfully, say authors Jon Hesby and Dennis Fournogerakis, is also critical to the continued success of the drugs in the company’s original pipeline. The authors note five key questions companies must ask of themselves, but place an emphasis on “forecasting” as the backbone of any newly acquired product’s commercial launch success. Click here to learn how your company can hit all the marks.

The pressure to cut costs is unrelenting, and the industry is digging into every opportunity that presents itself, which could leave you with a smaller budget than you’d like for market research. How do you make that work? Our feature, Doing Great Research Without a Big Budget, notes teams will want to invest more heavily in some areas to glean the big insights, but the process can be cost-effective when “optimized.” Optimized research is more than a plan, it is a proactive approach.

And in today’s rapid-paced industry, you might wonder where our creatives find the juice to keep pushing the limits. It could be outside the office when our creatives let go, explore their inner worlds, and bring them alive. Of more than 100 original works of art marketers submitted to our annual Greatest Creators cover competition, Shelley Hanna of Wunderman Health proves our industry creatives’ imaginations runneth over. Her winning painting, “Silver Cup” graces our supplement’s cover. And be sure to also check out the Greatest Creators Showcase to see how marketers are applying that endless imagination to healthcare campaigns.

You’ll see that imagination—and execution—too, in our May issue as we celebrate our ELITE Award Winners, the Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Innovators, and Transformers who push the industry forward. And you can meet them in person at a special celebratory networking event on July 16th at 230 FIFTH in NYC. Save the date!


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