Travel Smart—9 Cheap and Easy Pack Hacks

Getting away is the perfect way to shake off the long winter, but whether you’re catching a plane for a weekend fling or a month-long retreat, packing will be a headache. These quick tricks will help you look forward to your vacation and arrive stress free.

  1. Always check your airline’s baggage policy. Many airlines charge big bucks for checked bags, so try to keep your luggage down to a carry on and personal item. Just be aware of the weight and dimension limits for all of your items so you have no unexpected fees to contend with at the airport.
  2. If you’re aiming to keep your belongings in one carry on, probably the most useful and economic purchase you can make are vacuum sealable clothes bags. These space savers will squish down bulky items, like sweatshirts and jackets, to optimize your space. Just make sure your hotel has an iron when you arrive.
  3. To save space and keep your clothes wrinkle free, roll them instead of folding them. Simply folding your clothes in half and then rolling them into tight cylinders will help you to fit far more in your bag.
  4. Packing shoes is usually a nightmare, but they can actually be helpful luggage cubes if packed right! Cover the bottom of your shoes with a shower cap so they don’t touch your layer of rolled, clean clothes underneath. Then, stuff socks, chargers, batteries, nail polishes, or other tiny items inside the shoes so they stay put.
  5. To keep the collar of your shirts stiff, roll a belt and position it inside the collar. This might take up more room, but it’s worth it if you’re on a tight schedule and will need a fresh outfit as soon as you arrive at your destination. Don’t forget to throw a dryer sheet in your luggage to keep clothes smelling fresh after a long flight.
  6. Small containers are a must when traveling due to airline fluid restrictions (make sure to check how many ounces you can carry). Rather than spend money on travel-sized items that you already have in full size, buy one value pack of empty travel size containers for your liquid toiletries.
  7. Weekly pill containers make a great storage unit for jewelry so that chains don’t get tangled together and earrings aren’t lost in your travels.
  8. Put a piece of plastic wrap around the opening of your bottles and secure them with a hair tie or rubber band. Then screw the top back on. This way you can place your containers in nooks and crannies without having to worry about ruining the rest of your belongings.
  9. Keep all your chords in one place. Roll them up neatly and secure with a clamp paper clip to keep them safe and organized.


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