The PM360 Trailblazer Awards

PM360 Trailblazer Awards – The Industry’s Most Prestigious Awards Event

The PM360 Trailblazer Awards recognize outstanding achievement and innovation in healthcare marketing in eight award categories.

Due to popular request NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE: June 21st, 2024, 11:59PM EST

Early Bird Fees: $780 for each entry submitted.

Final Deadline Fees (after the Early Bird ends): $980 for each entry submitted.

Judging Process: Entries will be judged and the winners selected by the PM360 Editorial Advisory Board.

Eligibility: Initiatives, achievements, programs, and other work conducted between January 1, 2023 and May 3, 2024 are eligible. Some of the work must have occurred during this time, but it need not necessarily have been started or completed during the eligibility period. While the majority of the work submitted will be from the U.S. and Canada, international work is also eligible. Any pharmaceutical product or medical device mentioned as part of a submission, such as an initiative campaign for a product, should be FDA approved. PM360 does not accept entries on behalf of wellness products that are not regulated by the FDA. However, we do accept entries for campaigns around disease state or disease awareness for products that are still pre-approval.

When Finalists and Winners Will Be Informed: Finalists will be privately informed in late July to early August with a public announcement made in mid to late August. All award winners will be announced during the PM360 Trailblazer Awards Event on Tuesday, October 1, 2024 at Gotham Hall and will be published in the November 2024 issue of PM360.

Confidentiality: Any proprietary data submitted will be kept strictly confidential. Any information about winners will be published subject to final approval by the winner.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING SUBMISSIONS, PLEASE CONTACT Kayla Walsh at 646-300-8114 or with any questions. 

Submission Criteria: There is no limit on the number of people that each organization or individual can nominate. However, submissions will be judged on quality, not quantity. In other words, nominees will not benefit from multiple submissions made by the same affiliated company. Companies are also encouraged to nominate individuals outside of their organizations.

Past winners can be nominated again, but their submissions should focus on their most recent achievements. Submissions for nominees who have not won should include achievements from throughout their careers.

Each submission should include an application statement prepared as a Word doc and attached to the online form.

For Initiative category nominations, There is no maximum length, but it must be at least 300 words.

For all other nominations, the application statement must be at least 500 words.

Each nomination, however, must be substantial in describing what makes the individual or team exceptional and how they are influencing the industry. It must also clearly describe how they fit into the category or categories for which they are nominated.

Nominators can also submit supplementary materials including visual materials, samples, testimonials, charts, diagrams, etc. Files under about 50MB can be submitted as attachments along with your application. For anything larger contact for information about our ftp server.

The submissions will be judged by the editors of PM360 and the most exceptional nominees will be featured in the May issue.

Confidentiality: Any proprietary data submitted will be kept strictly confidential. Any information that will be published about the selected nominees will be subject to final approval by the nominee/nominator.

Fees: Each submission costs $495 (after 2/23 an additional $200 late fee will be added for a total fee of $695)

Nominees in Multiple Categories: A nominee may be entered in more than one category. However, each person requires only a single application statement no matter how many categories for which they choose to be considered. You will simply be able to check multiple categories on the submission form when you enter.

Nominees in the Marketing Team Category: Please list all of the names, titles and companies for the nominees in the Marketing Team category on the submission statement. On the entry form you can just list something like, “The XXXX Brand Team.”

Submissions will be evaluated on:

  • How well does it demonstrate why the nominated person fits into at least one of the available categories?
  • Why is the person or team considered influential or worthy of recognition?
  • What are some of his/her/their greatest achievements throughout his/her/their entire career? Or for the team category: What has the group been able to achieve together? (Include examples of how the team came together to master some of the biggest hurdles they have had to face or experienced results that surpassed goals and expectations.)
  • Is there supporting evidence to back up this claim? Nominators should consider supplying examples of the nominee’s work; any evidence of the effectiveness of his/her/their work (or team if nominating in the team category) strategies, etc.; relevant metrics that can corroborate the statements made; personal accounts from colleagues and employees; awards or honors that the nominee received and any other materials that the nominator feels is relevant.
  • Does the submission meet all of the minimum requirements (i.e., an application statement that is at least 300 words; does it provide info beyond the standard bio; does it demonstrate how the individual fits into at least one of the categories; etc.)?


The Trailblazer Company of the Year Awards honor the top company of the year in each of the following five categories:

  1. Pharma/Biotech Company
  2. Medical Device/Diagnostics Company
  3. Specialty Pharma/Biotech Company
  4. Advertising Agency (Healthcare, DTC, Interactive)
  5. Supplier (to Healthcare Manufacturers)

Nomination Criteria:
Nominees in each of the five categories will be judged on a combination of the following criteria:

  • Innovation.
  • Development and Retention of Talented Employees.
  • Social Responsibility, including Philanthropy, Patient Access, Civic and Global Involvement, Environmental Consciousness.

The early bird deadline $780,
Final deadline – $980

The Brand Champion Awards honor any member of the brand marketing team within a life sciences manufacturer who has initiated groundbreaking marketing strategies and tactics in 22 categories. Nominees must be exceptional contributors who display outstanding leadership, innovation, creativity and a dedication to improving patients’ lives.

1. Autoimmune/Rheumatology
2. Cardiology
3. Central Nervous System
NEW: 4. Data Strategy/Marketing Analytics
5. Dermatology
6. Diabetes/Metabolic Disorders
7. Diversity/Multicultural
8. Gastrointestinal
9. Global Marketing
10. Hematology/Oncology
11. HCP Engagement
12. Infectious Disease/Vaccine Development
13. Innovation/Digital Strategy
14. Managed Markets/Payer Strategies
15. Medical Device/Diagnostics
16. Men’s Health
17. Nephrology/Urology
18. Ophthalmology/Optometry
19. Patient Engagement
20. Rare Diseases
21. Respiratory
22. Women’s Health

Nomination Criteria:

Nominees in each category will be judged on a combination of the following criteria:

  • The skill, dedication and innovation shown in the nominee’s work and in the marketing programs he or she initiated.
  • Evidence of the effectiveness or success of the programs with a description of the programs and the challenges that were overcome.

The Marketer of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding person who has changed the landscape at his or her company or in the field of pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device marketing.

Nomination Criteria:

Nominees will be evaluated on:

  • The major changes, projects or initiatives the marketer played a role in and the effect of that work on his or her company, the field of healthcare marketing, or the progression of disease diagnostics or treatment.
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of his or her work.

The Marketing Team of the Year is a team that reaches across various functions to achieve exceptional results. This can include outstanding marketing practices, the adoption of new and innovative technologies/strategies, successfully positioning their brand/company, creating an outstanding customer experience, positively impacting the culture of their organization, etc.

Any nominated team should be based at a manufacturer (pharma, biotech, specialty, medical device, etc.).

Nomination Criteria:

Nominees will be evaluated on:

  • The project the team was tasked with and their ability to overcome any challenges to complete that task.
  • The skill, innovation, and success of their work.
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of their work.

The Products of the Year honor new and game-changing products that have made an impact on the healthcare industry in the past year within the following categories:

1. Brand of the Year: Any prescription therapeutic, over-the-counter, medical device, or diagnostics product that has revolutionized the life sciences industry through both its impact on patients and its exceptional marketing and branding strategies. The product itself could have been released at any period of time, but the marketing and branding work under consideration for the award must have occurred sometime.

2. Most Innovative New Product: Any novel prescription therapeutic, over-the-counter, medical device, or diagnostics product that was released that demonstrates a scientific breakthrough in the treatment or care of patients. This award does not focus on the marketing of the product, but its advancement in the clinical treatment of patients.

3. Product Launch of the Year: Any marketing or launch strategy for a new product that was released. This award specifically focuses on any and all marketing initiatives developed for the product’s launch.

4. Relaunch/Revitalization of the Year: Any marketing or commercialization strategy for a product that was relaunched with a new indication, new dosage, new formulation, new delivery system, or some other new use. This award focuses on honoring strategies that excel in overcoming the challenge of rebranding a product already seen by consumers.

Nomination Criteria:

Brands of the Year will be judged on each product’s innovation in treating patients; the uniqueness of the branding strategy and various components of the brand (including brand name, colors, packaging, etc.); and the effectiveness of the sales and marketing approach.

Most Innovative New Products will be judged on the scientific achievement behind the development of each product; its benefit/impact to patients; and its contribution to the overall healthcare system (i.e., being the only treatment for a disease or a more effective treatment than previous options).

Product Launch and Relaunch/Revitalization of the Year candidates will be judged on the uniqueness and innovation behind the marketing strategies, the execution of those strategies, and the ultimate effectiveness of the strategies.

The Trailblazer CEOs of the Year Award honors the top decision-makers in the life sciences industry in the following two categories:

1. Life Sciences Manufacturer CEO
2 Advertising Agency or Supplier/Vendor CEO

Nomination Criteria:

The individual must be the Chief Executive Officer of the company, they cannot be other C-suite level executives, though their title can include other positions beyond CEO if they hold other roles as well.

The Life Sciences Manufacturer CEO can be from any pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostics, or other company responsible for developing therapeutics, medical devices, or diagnostics.

The Advertising Agency or Supplier/Vendor CEO can be from any ad agency, supplier, vendor, or other service provider that serves companies within the life sciences industry.

The Chief Executive Officer candidates for this award must excel in all aspects of leadership, including:

Company Culture:
Candidates should be able to demonstrate how they have built a company culture where individuals feel safe, respected, valued, and motivated. They must be capable of engendering trust among their employees and inspiring them to achieve optimal results by personal excellence and teamwork.

Candidates should have displayed a unique vision for their company over the course of the past year that resulted in at least one of the following: (1) innovative achievements; (2) improved company reputation; and/or (3) exceptional performance (i.e., increased revenue, improved company value, etc.). Additionally, they should have also demonstrated courage and professionalism when managing any challenge that came up along the way.

Candidates must be able to provide examples of the impact their efforts have had on their company, the life sciences industry as a whole, healthcare as a whole, and/or the overall global community.

Personal Character:
Candidates must be well respected among their industry peers for their morals, reputation, and character. They should be working with purpose to elevate their company and the industry as a whole in the eyes of the larger global community.

The Initiative Awards honor marketing innovation in any of the following categories.

1. Artificial Intelligence/Data Analytics Initiative
2. App/Digital Solution or Suite
3. Consumer Website/Online Initiative
4. Direct to Consumer Campaign
5. Direct to Patient Campaign
6. HCP Education
7. Interactive/Immersive Marketing Program
8. OTC Product Campaign
9. Patient/Consumer Education
10. Persistence/Adherence Program
11. Podcasts
12. Point of Care
13. Professional Campaign
14. Professional Website/Online Initiative
15. Sales Aid
16. Self-Promotion/Corporate Campaign
17. Social Media Campaign
18. Unbranded Campaign
19. Video/TV Campaign

Nomination Criteria:

Nominees in each category will be judged on a combination of the following criteria:

  • The challenges the initiative had to overcome.
  • The skill, innovation, quality of planning and implementation with which the initiative was designed to meet its goals.
  • Evidence of the effectiveness or success of the initiative.

Recognizing the senior healthcare marketer who has transformed the business through leadership, wide-ranging influence, and original contributions. Retired individuals can be submitted, however, candidates do not need to be retired (or even close to retirement) to be considered.

Nomination Criteria:

Nominees will be evaluated on:

  • The effect the individual has had on the industry.
  • His or her career accomplishments.
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of his or her work or impact on the industry.