The Social Health Awards 2022

Health Union partnered with Fierce Pharma to present the Social Health Awards alongside the industry on Oct. 19 during the 2022 Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards ceremony at Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia.

The Social Health Awards is the only awards program that truly recognizes health leaders for their hard work and dedication to driving meaningful connections and conversations through social health—the dynamic, real-time action people take to find meaningful connections and share information that impacts the health journey.

Social health creates space for people living with complex health conditions to find information, connection, and validation, resulting in a mutually beneficial impact for both patients and the healthcare industry. Without the contributions of patient leaders in online health communities—on social media and beyond—social health would not be possible.

The Social Health Awards recognized 10 health leader winners in categories—ranging from Rookie of the Year to Community Cultivator to Lifetime Achievement—designed to showcase the vast diversity of the patient and caregiver community and the various forms of advocacy across all condition areas and platforms. The winners in attendance at the ceremony were recognized on stage by Olivier Chateau, Health Union’s Co-founder and CEO; Lauren Lawhon, Health Union’s President and COO; and Julie Croner, Vice President of Community Development.

Patient leader Erica Carrasco, who was recognized in the Creative Contributor category, said that accepting her award “made me so excited for the migraine community.” She said, from an awareness standpoint, she was happy to hear her hemiplegic migraine diagnosis mentioned and heard by all of the attendees of the Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards. “People who may never have heard of HM now have,” she said. “That’s the goal!”


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