Over the past 20 years FUEL has transformed into a highly anticipated, multi-day event with immeasurable value for the EVERSANA INTOUCH team and clients alike.

EVERSANA INTOUCH has always had a focus on innovation and new ways of thinking, dating back to the agency’s founding, when Faruk Capan some 25 years ago envisioned a better marketing agency to service the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, it’s a global agency network of 1,600+ experts serving clients around the world. Every summer for nearly two decades EVERSANA INTOUCH experts support their clients through an annual brand planning process, and while each client is unique, similar best practices began to emerge, leading to the advent of a brand new idea. The EVERSANA INTOUCH team started to host an agency network-wide event designed to share best practices, learn about new trends, and inspire ideas and new ways of thinking for brands of all sizes.

What started as a way for the agency, originally with roughly four hundred employees, to offer a standardized approach to brand planning, soon turned into a week-long event in Chicago. Subject matter experts from growing areas of branding and marketing were brought in to discuss topics ranging from web design to creative to search engine to media, all offering both clients and agency teams much-needed insights. The event grew into “Inspiration Week” at EVERSANA INTOUCH until the COVID-19 pandemic when the team could no longer gather in person and the need for brand planning ideas and resources was bigger than ever.

Today, the event is a full-fledged virtual conference known as “FUEL,” with a multiday agenda and purpose to prepare teams and equip them with tools to address clients’ challenges more strategically for the year ahead. Annual Brand Planning is a perfect opportunity for the agency team to shift focus from day-to-day tactics to driving broader business impact that pharma companies are so focused on these days. Tapping into the extended set of EVERSANA’s expertise designed to accelerate successful product commercialization, including Data & Analytics, Management Consulting, Market Access, HEOR Research and Medical Affairs and other offerings, gives EVERSANA and EVERSANA INTOUCH the opportunity to deliver on burning business priorities for its customers.

More than 100 clients attended the April 25th event both in-person and virtually. Several large clients had viewing “parties” followed by workshops for their teams. The 2024 FUEL event featured speakers including EVERSANA CEO Jim Lang, EVERSANA INTOUCH CEO and EVERSANA Chief Innovation Officer, Faruk Capan, and other experts from the agency. There was a panel discussion with
leaders who shared their perception of how AI is shaping healthcare, along with a panel focused on the rare disease and oncology fields and what brand planners that support therapeutic products in these areas may want to know. Live demonstrations also featured new offerings available from the agency and broader EVERSANA team. For example, discussion flourished around using
AI or synthetic market research. Though the downsides were considered, the teams also saw the potential in running AI-based panels for quick, no-cost, focus group feedback, revolutionizing the speed at which they can predict customer engagement in the market.

The whole aim of FUEL is to help brand planners have the most effective tools to take on the rapid changes in trends, tech, and client needs immediately with the best possible quality and speed. It is a large part of why EVERSANA INTOUCH is so successful in exceeding branding expectations year over year.

“FUEL continues to be an important event each year to help engage clients with what to expect and plan for in the brand planning process, and it’s been exciting to see it continue to grow each year as our industry continues to evolve,” said Boris Kushkuley, PhD, President, Commercial and Consulting, EVERSANA INTOUCH.

John Kenny, EVP & Head of Strategic Planning at EVERSANA INTOUCH, discusses during FUEL 2024 how generative AI and ChatGPT continue to change the industry.


Angela Tenuta, President, Full-Service Agencies at EVERSANA INTOUCH, speaks to the virtual audience at FUEL 2024 on how as an agency the company is reimaging how it works.


Faruk Capan, CEO at EVERSANA INTOUCH and EVERSANA’s Chief Innovation Officer, speaks at FUEL 2024 on the company’s efforts to develop solutions to help three big problems facing pharma marketers today.





Boris Kushkuley PhD, President, Commercial and Consulting, EVERSANA INTOUCH, speaks out on the importance of FUEL and its growth over the years.







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