The Push Toward Total Marketing

Marketing budgets are inevitably tight. Yet, today’s marketers must plan to be everywhere—on the Internet, in the physicians’ office, on televisions, in the pockets of smartphone users—and new communications channels, strategies, and tactics are still popping up. To serve the needs of the healthcare community while driving conversion to upticks in ROI is no simple task. Marketing plans must deliver, so they must consider all the avenues, and strive to put patients and physicians first—always.

In our cover story, Proactively Developing Your Marketing Plan, author Andrew Bast of Concentric argues that to effectively create a total marketing plan, marketers must first be well versed on the ins and outs of Triple Aim and be prepared to incorporate its goals. Bast outlines the important initiative’s three major facets and offers insights into how, when, and why a specific tactic or strategy is called for, while underscoring the need for a strong, consistent—and caring—presence in the lives of the people that marketers serve. It’s a push toward total marketing, but it’s not yet complete. Why?

Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities are largely MIA in marketing plans. Author Steven Millerman also advocates for a total marketing plan that places minority patients on an equal footing with those in the general market. In fact, he notes one such brand drove $70 million and consistently outperformed the current marketing mix. Today’s marketers have to ask themselves: “If I stick with my traditional marketing plan, am I leaving money on the table?” Clearly, that answer is yes.

Simultaneously, marketing tools, especially digital, are exploding in unexpected ways. Our annual Digital Compendium supplement underscores this with thoughtful, actionable articles that offer an excellent feeling for what is working, what isn’t, what’s evolving, and what is emerging. Disruption is king and our Digital Compendium proves this.

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