The PM360 ELITE 100: Inspiration is Contagious

The PM360 ELITE turns five years old this month and the ranks of our Exceptional Leaders, Innovators, Transformers, and Entrepreneurs across the spectrum of the healthcare industry just keeps growing. These individuals are change agents, risk-takers, in fact, they are the visionaries who combine knowledge and intuition to reimagine healthcare in brand new ways—be it processes, technologies, or insights.

Five years in, and PM360 again received more than 500 nominations from the bosses, clients, friends, and colleagues of those who have inspired others to emulate their accomplishments, to push their own creative and problem-solving skills to greet the evolving challenges of healthcare with clear-eyed confidence.

Choosing the winners this year, as in years past, was an enormous, and at times, humbling, task. Why? The healthcare industry possesses formidable talent! These individuals are the very best at what they do—and at what they can imagine. So many advancements in so many areas of healthcare are occurring now—whether that’s in AI, machine learning, or new methods of disease detection and diagnoses—and it still feels as though we’re always at the cusp of something big.

Case in point: We’re at the cusp of calling lights out on various forms of cancer in various stages thanks to the work of this year’s Uber ELITE and Keynote Speaker, David Spetzler. The President and Chief Scientific Officer of Caris Life Sciences, Spetzler and his colleagues are working hard to develop technologies capable of illuminating the secrets in human DNA and RNA to foster early cancer detection and treatment. This is personal for Spetzler. What happens when someone is this relentless in the pursuit of a dreaded disease with often dreaded therapies? We take a leap closer to achieving personalized medicine. And better treatments. And better outcomes.

And that is something to celebrate. Join us to fete these extraordinary people—your colleagues—at Manhattan’s posh 230 FIFTH on Tuesday, July 16th, starting at 7 PM. Come rub a few elbows and enjoy the opportunity to network with our inimitable ELITE. (Purchase tickets at Inspiration is contagious.

Also in this issue, our PM360 Circle of Excellence in media partnership with Cannes Lions Health, addresses: What Constitutes Great Creative in 2019? Take note—the definition of creativity is expanding.


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