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Amazing things can happen when you bring together the nation’s top biopharma CEOs and innovative minds to exchange ideas in the name of advancing the future of health. That was the mission of the inaugural Klick Ideas Exchange, an innovative event curated, produced and hosted by Klick Health in partnership with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, Veeva Systems and Google.

President Bill Clinton, Drs. Eric Topol, Daniel Kraft and Ezekiel Emanuel, biotech luminaries Martine Rothblatt and R.J. Kirk, and acclaimed business management gurus Tom Peters and Gary Hamel spoke at the event, held as a precursor to the 2015 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia. The Ideas Exchange was an exclusive, by-invitation-only event.

Attendees were also introduced to groundbreaking virtual reality, hologram and 3D printing technology adapted for health. The Klick Ideas Exchange explored how emerging technologies and data can radically change the way healthcare is delivered and experienced and how health organizations need to evolve.

The event covered some of the most important and provocative topics expected to affect pharmaceutical development and healthcare delivery in the coming years, such as the changing complexion of reimbursement, evolving roles of the FDA, the increasing role of technology in medical care and clinical development and developing innovative medicines in an era of increasing cost-sensitivity and conflict of interest concerns.


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