The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards has announced this year’s finalists. Entries have come from the U.S., South America, UK, EU, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, China, and the Middle East. The finalist companies include:

Shaheed Peera, Founder of the Creative Floor Healthcare Awards said: “From the bottom of my heart and everyone at The Creative Floor, thank you to everyone who supports this amazing award show. Together we’re continuing to raise global creative standards on real work, for everyday healthcare briefs. We’ve raised over £120,000.00 towards our Talent and Diversity Fund, which will continue to help those from underrepresented communities find careers in healthcare communication agencies. This year has been a record year for entries with a small proportion making it through this far. I’d like to offer my sincerest congratulations to all finalists.”

The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards will announce 2022 winners live on Thursday,
September 8 in London. Limited run of tickets are available here:


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