The #Allin Accelerator Event: Going “All In” for Patients


scene-2 scene-3Throughout 2016, Intouch Solutions has been going “#ALLin” with a year-long program by that name, connecting with patients to inform and inspire innovative solutions.

“We believe that the answers that revolutionize healthcare aren’t found at our desks,” says Intouch CEO, Faruk Capan. “They’re found working side by side with patients, caregivers, professionals, and others who are intimately familiar with the needs we aim to address.”

And so, in a custom Airstream trailer outfitted as a mobile interview studio, the marketing agency traveled the country meeting people who live with a variety of disease conditions. At walks and other gatherings, patients and their loved ones have shared their stories.

Those stories informed an internal competitive hackathon held this summer and an external #ALLin Accelerator event, held in September in New York City, with patients, caregivers, developers, creatives, strategists, and executives from the technology and healthcare industries. Hackathon teams had a day to create and present their ideas. A panel of judges weighed the ideas, and Intouch will pilot the chosen concept. However, all of the ideas remain open for development. Capan stated, “Our goal for the #ALLin project is to create useful solutions for the people who need them. As an agency, we want to make a difference on our own.”

The central concept addressed in the Accelerator (and backed by research data in partnership with the Digital Health Coalition): Helping the caregiver is vital to improving patient outcomes—and, helping the caregiver often includes facilitating greater independence for the patient. Visit for more info.


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