We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ELITE Awards, where we honor those people in healthcare and life sciences who are making a mark on our industry, on patients, on colleagues, and on the world. For 10 years we’ve shone a much-deserved spotlight on the individuals and teams who throughout their careers are building legacies marked by helping people live better—and hopefully longer—lives. It’s the reason why so many join our industry in the first place. This year marks 1,000 outstanding people honored and recognized for the countless hours of dream chasing that has made an impact on our industry.

These legacies are being built at various points in our winners’ careers in roles that span the industry. From CEOs to launch strategists, tech geniuses to environmental warriors, serial entrepreneurs to mentors for others, the 2024 ELITE 100 features the full gamut of people in the life sciences who are making a real difference across all aspects of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics.

At the top of this year’s list is our Uber ELITE winner Adele Gulfo, MBA, CEO of Biopharma Commercial Unit of Sumitomo Pharma. Sumitomo is a household name in Japan and is emerging on the U.S. scene in a big way with Adele’s guidance and expertise. The driving force behind blockbusters like Crestor and Lipitor, Adele is leading Sumitomo’s charge into the women’s health space with one-of-a-kind Myfembree and OAB treatment Gemtesa. She’s got a lot more on her list of innovations to bring to market.

In fact, it’s probably safe to say that none of the ELITE individuals and teams you can read about below are done growing their legacies. Keep an eye on these industry greats.


Transformational Leaders: People who change the way things work within an organization—whether that involves building a whole new organizational structure, a new way to handle projects or turning around a failing business.

Leaders of the Future: Up-and-coming junior people who have displayed the characteristics of an emerging leader.

Data Miners: Individuals specializing in analytics within the pharma/biotech/med device industry and those who support the healthcare industry who are able to turn hordes of numbers and research into actionable insight.

Creative Directors: The heads of marketing teams known for their daring creative and jealousy-inducing campaigns.

Tech-know Geeks: Innovators who are developing technological breakthroughs and are helping to reshape the industry.

Entrepreneurs: Visionary risk-takers who are developing new companies to answer unmet needs and fill the voids that many people didn’t even realize existed.

Disruptors: People who are not afraid to disrupt the status quo and change the way the industry operates.”

Sales MVPs: The sales leaders within a company who are doing an outstanding job of building revenue and forming relationships that add to the growth of the company.

Strategists: Anyone with a sixth sense for what works and the ability to predict what a company will need to do in order to remain relevant as the industry evolves.

Mentors: The industry gurus who serve as the role models that everyone else aspires to emulate.

Master Educators: People on a mission to revolutionize the way that patients and/or doctors learn and absorb the information that life science companies have to offer (for instance CME programs, medical journals, universities, etc.)

Launch Experts: Marketers with significant success in bringing a new drug to market or revitalizing an old drug with a fresh campaign.

Patient Advocates: Patients who network, speak out, and support the advancement of new treatments and better care.

Drug Researchers and Developers: The scientists, researchers, and clinical trial experts who are moving the industry forward with breakthrough and efficient treatments options.

Digital Crusaders: The individuals advancing applications of digital channels or platforms to transform marketing and/or company operations.

Marketing Teams: Teams from manufacturers (pharma, specialty, medical device), agencies, supplier/vendors, or some combination of the three that have achieved great marketing success as a group.

PR Gurus: Communication experts who are masters at spreading news and good publicity.

Talent Acquisition Leaders: Job recruiters and HR executives with a keen eye for recognizing top talent and placing them in the right roles.

Philanthropic Heroes: Anyone who works within our industry and is doing extraordinary charity work or philanthropic endeavors. The charity work does not have to be healthcare-related and can be anything that is helping individuals, communities, or the world at large.

Environmental Champions: Individuals or teams within the life sciences and healthcare marketing industries who are leading environmental or sustainability efforts within their organization or even outside of their day jobs. These efforts can be anything related to improving the global environment; reducing carbon footprint; eliminating harmful or excessive waste; and creating a more sustainable company, society, and/or economy.


2024 Uber ELITE
Adele Gulfo of Sumitomo Pharma America

Creative Directors

Elite 2024 Creative Director Margeaux Buttner of PROPELLER

Elite 2024 Creative Director Ray Colon of CrowdPharm

ELITE 2024 Creative Director Paul Wesemann of Elevate

Elite 2024 Creative Director Lauren Pollina of 21GRAMS

Data Miners

Elite 2024 Data Miner Karin Hayes of OptimizeRx

Elite 2024 Data Miner Amy Patel of Phreesia

Elite 2024 Data Miner Colin Baughman of JPA Health

Elite 2024 Data Miner Ramaa Nathan of EVERSANA

Digital Crusaders

Elite 2024 Digital Crusader Sarah Caldwell of Veeva Crossix Analytics

Elite 2024 Digital Crusader Seth Reeser of Calcium+Company

Elite 2024 Digital Crusader Jackie Messinger of Moderna

Elite 2024 Digital Crusader Danielle Doria Conn of Regeneron

Elite 2024 Digital Crusader Nuvan Augustin Dassanaike of Accord Biopharma

Elite 2024 Digital Crusader Nicholas DeBeauvernet of Merck

Elite 2024 Digital Crusader Myles Lawless of Corcept Therapeutics


Elite 2024 Disruptor Bryan Johnson of Veeva Systems

Elite 2024 Disruptor Donna Furu of Boehringer Ingelheim

Elite 2024 Disruptor Alex Sophocles of imre

Elite 2024 Disruptor Tim Arendt of Consulting Hot Iron Health, a Spectrum Science company

Elite 2024 Disruptor Mike Edwards of Novartis

Elite 2024 Disruptor Sam Clark of Terran Biosciences

Elite 2024 Disruptor Erin Wendell of ivWatch


Elite 2024 Entrepreneurs
Kathryn Wilson of VUE Health

Elite 2024 Entrepreneur Karim Galil of Mendel AI

Elite 2024 Entrepreneur Cynthia Isaac of Syneos Health Communications

Elite 2024 Entrepreneur Holly Hagan of Holly Hagan Consulting, Inc.

Elite 2024 Entrepreneur Pouria Sanae of ixlayer

Drug Researchers and Developers

Elite 2024 Drug Researcher and Developers Chris Jenkins of Sabai

Elite 2024 Drug Researcher and Developer Helen Sabzevari of Precigen

Elite 2024 Drug Researcher and Developer Terttu Haring of Syneos Health

Environmental Champions

Elite 2024 Environmental Champion Julia Vinciguerra of Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Launch Experts

Elite 2024 Launch Expert Jeremy Vannatta of Abelson Taylor Group

Elite 2024 Launch Expert Kory Thielen of Merck

Elite 2024 Launch Expert Weina Wang of Novartis

Elite 2024 Launch Expert Brandon Kotaniemi of Coherus Biosciences

Elite 2024 Launch Expert Jackie Lee Director of Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Elite 2024 Launch Expert Abby Shreve of Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Leaders of the Future

Elite 2024 Leader of the Future Michelle Deuri of ConnectiveRx

Elite 2024 Leader of the Future Liz Noumoff of Novo Nordisk, Inc.

Elite 2024 Leader of the Future Micah Chiles of Johnson & Johnson

Elite 2024 Leader of the Future Katie Van Horn of Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Elite 2024 Leader of the Future Emily Giegerich of imre

Elite 2024 Leader of the Future Jennifer Squillante of PROPELLER

Elite 2024 Leader of the Future Ayla Bradley of GSW, powered by Syneos Health

Marketing Teams

Elite 2024 Marketing Team
UCB BIMZELX® Dermatology HCP Marketing Team

Elite 2024 Marketing Team AstraZeneca + Healix (a division of Initiative)

Elite 2024 Marketing Team Gattex Marketing Team

Elite 2024 Marketing Team IZERVAY Marketing Team

Elite 2024 Marketing Team Jardiance® US HCP Marketing Team

Elite 2024 Marketing Team REBLOZYL WW and US Marketing Team

Elite 2024 Marketing Team SAPHNELO Marketing Team

Elite 2024 Marketing Team Wainua Marketing Team

Master Educators

Elite 2024 Master Educator Frank Orrico of Weber Shandwick

Elite 2024 Master Educator Emily Gentry of AONN+

Elite 2024 Master Educator Kate Iwanski of Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Elite 2024 Master Educator Abigail Mallon of VMS BioMarketing

Elite 2024 Master Educator Michael Lepow of Sharecare

Elite 2024 Master Educator Kim Staley of West Novartis


Elite 2024 Mentor Mike Marett of Confideo

Elite 2024 Mentor Kathleen Starr of Syneos Health Communications

Elite 2024 Mentor Jason Williams of AstraZeneca

Patient Advocates

Elite 2024 Patient Advocate Elizabeth Grice of Alexion

Elite 2024 Patient Advocate Grant Belsham of Medexus Pharma

Elite 2024 Patient Advocate Scott Dulitz of Mercalis

Elite 2024 Patient Advocate Lyndi Hirsch of GoodRx

Elite 2024 Patient Advocate Grant Castor of Sentynl Therapeutics

Elite 2024 Patient Advocate Stacy Hurt of Parexel

Philanthropic Heroes

Elite 2024 Philanthropic Hero Greg Lewis of Calcium+Company

PR Gurus

Elite 2024 PR Guru Alina Worth of Biosector 2

Elite 2024 PR Guru Stephanie Friess of Earned imre

Elite 2024 PR Guru Shev Rush of Shev Rush Public Relations

Sales MVPs

Elite 2024 Sales MVP Stacey Hagenbush of Sharecare

Elite 2024 Sales MVP Brad Quosig of Calcium+Company

Elite 2024 Sales MVP Amanda Peck of Spectrum Science


Elite 2024 Strategist
Mike Czuba of AbelsonTaylor Group

Elite 2024 Strategist Lara Lovenbury of ramarketing

Elite 2024 Strategist Matt Irwin of Confideo

Elite 2024 Strategist Michael Joachim of Sharecare

Elite 2024 Strategist Libby McManus of ConnectiveRx

Elite 2024 Strategist Julie Pilon of IPG Health

Elite 2024 Strategist Michelle Strier of Spectrum Science

Talent Acquisition Leader

ELITE 2024 Talent Acquisition Leader Patricia Lang of Enovis™

Tech-Know Geeks

Elite 2024 Tech-Know Geek Ben Zipkin of PharmaForward LLC

Elite 2024 Tech-Know Geek Oleg Korenfeld of CMI Media Group and Compas

Elite 2024 Tech-Know Geek Ken Deutsch of JPA Health

Elite 2024 Tech-Know Geek Abid Rahman of EVERSANA

Elite 2024 Tech-Know Geek JJ Mifsud of Klick Health

Elite 2024 Tech-Know Geek Bob Zambon of Syneos Health

Transformational Leaders

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Jamie Little of United Therapeutics

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Jenna Mitby-Manning of Klick Health

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Aneil Batra

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Claire Gillis of VML Health

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Brian Schantz of Otsuka

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Dea Belazi of AscellaHealth

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Madeline Malia of Real Chemistry

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Rachele Berria of AstraZeneca

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Lisa Prowker of ConnectiveRx

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Adam Lenkowsky of Bristol Myers Squibb

Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Scott Braunstein of Marinus Pharmaceuticals


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